Ways to Connect your iPad Air to a TV

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// April 14, 2015

iPad Air 2 are the perfect streaming tablet to connect with smart TV, with their quick and easy interfaces, numerous apps and the increase usages of streaming services, there has never been a better time to own an iPad Air 2. The one issue many people have, is not knowing how to connect their iPad Air to TV made by Sony, LG, Samsung Smart Tv and other big manufacturer.

Whether you want to enjoy Netflix on a larger Samsung screen or you want to set up some games to be played, having the TV acting as a second monitor or screen is incredibly handy. Knowing how to quickly and easily connect your iPad is a great asset and one you won’t forget. With various TV types and brands out there, this guide aims to show you just how simple it is to connect your iPad to a TV.

iPad Air to HDMI

HDMI cables are great ways to link up normal laptops and computers to a HDTV. iPads work in a similar sense, but it will require a specific cable. Apple’s digital AV adaptor allows the use of a HDMI cable between your iPad and TV, displaying it in full HD onto your television.


The adaptor connects to iPads dock connector, you then simply plug in the HDMI cable into the adaptor then the TV. It supports both 720p and 1080p, meaning you can stream all of your tablet’s apps such as Netflix, YouTube etc. from your TV.

Once the cables are connected, simply turn on your TV section the correct input e.g. HDMI 1 and turn on your iPad Air, it should then be displayed on the screen. This option works for most brands out here, including Samsung TV, LG TV, Sony TV, Sharp TV and Phillips TV that have a HDMI Socket.

Standard HDMI Cable From Amazon

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

Component/Composite Cables


Component or composite cables can be used for TVs that do not support HD, or in case you can’t find a HDMI cable lying around (which is more common than you think!). Composite cables have three coloured adaptors broken into green, red and blue. These plug into the back of a TV to provide the picture and sound. Component adaptors are for older TV sets and are broken into one yellow adaptor.

These will limit the apps available due to the lack of 720p support, and the pictures will not be as clear as using the AV adaptor.

Apple TV & AirPlay – Wireless Way

This is currently the only method that allows you to wirelessly connect your iPad to your TV. Whilst and expensive method, it is designed to seamlessly stream content from your iPad. With it being wireless your iPad doubles as a remote control, and can let you stream music and video through AirPlay.

For anyone who wants to experience gaming to its full potential on the iPad, they will want to pick up AirPay, as it supports wireless, meaning your iPad is used like the controller for a console, giving a unique gaming experience only available through the iPad.

You will need to set up a wireless connection between your router and Apple TV device, as well as your iPad. The Air Play icon will appear on your device, to which you simply connect and start viewing from your TV. Display Mirroring allows you to duplicate the screen for any apps that are not supported on Air Play, to activate this, double-press the Home button, swipe right and tap the AirPlay icon; you will see the mirroring option, simply turn this on.


This option works with the usual brands such as Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Sony Smart TV, Sharp Smart TV, Vizio Smart TV and Philips TV. All it requires is a HDMI component at the back of the TV, which will be present on all of these brands, as long the model isn’t too old.

Airplay Help Guide 


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    Hello my iPad air 2 doesn’t have a wide pin on dock end but a lightning size charger dock. Are there adapters to mirror my apps that are small on one end and what do they cost in Canada? Thnx

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