Use an original iPod in a web browser

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// October 6, 2012

iPod Web AppA web designer with Inventika Solutions has created one of the coolest web apps I’ve seen. The web app is a replica of the original iPod, that works just like you would expect an iPod to work. It even has a few songs that plays audio.

You can control the iPod in Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any modern web browser. The iPod interface also works great on an iPad with the touch screen.

The designer wanted to complete it by October 5th as a tribute to Steve Jobs on the one year anniversary of his death. The iPod was the device that Jobs used to help turn Apple into the company it is today and changed how we listen to music.

The designer has future plans to add an option to shuffle the songs with a sound effect and make the battery go down as songs are played.

You can click this link to use the iPod online or click on the photo of the iPod.

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