Turn off unwanted iPad notifications

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// May 12, 2012

Notifications on the iPad can be very useful, but they can also be very annoying if you are not wanting notifications for a particular app.

Here is a quick explanation of the different types of notifications.

  • Notification Center – This is where you can swipe down from any screen (expect the lock screen) and find information on weather, stocks, calendar events, reminders, email, etc.
  • Alerts – This is a pop-up box that displays a message. You must tap in the box for the message to disappear. Alerts can be viewed in the lock screen.
  • Banners – A pop-up that appears for a few seconds at the top of the screen, then disappears automatically.
  • Badges – Shows an image or number on the icon of an app.
  • Sounds – Plays an audible alert.
Notification Center

iPad Notification Center

If you go to Setting-> Notifications, there you will see all of the applications that use notifications. The apps are separated into ones that are in and out of the notification center. You can still receive alerts even though the app is not in the notification center.

The image below shows how the Twitter and Reminders apps has alerts set even though they are not in the notification center. If all notifications are off for the app, then there should not be any text here (like Asphalt 6, TWC and Squrl in the photo.)

Here is an example of the Twitter app with all notifications turned off. Notice the alert style is also set to none. You can still get alerts and banner pop-ups if none is not selected here.

Twitter alert

Some apps may have some additional settings to turn off push notifications. If you are still getting alerts, badges or sounds for a particular app after turning everything off as we have described, check the setting for the app. Go to Settings and scroll down to the bottom left of the screen to Apps. Select the app and turn off any push notifications.

Here is an example of the Gmail app. As you can see there are additional settings here for notifications that can be turned off.

Gmail Settings

With the settings configured correctly for your iOS device, you can make the best use of a great iOS feature.

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