How To Transfer Photos from iPad 2 to iPad Air: Two Solutions

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// August 10, 2014

There are two solutions to transfer photos from the iPad 2 to the iPad Air. The first solution is transfer iPad Air photos to iTunes; you can backup your iPad 2 to iTunes, then disconnect your iPad 2. Next, connect your iPad Air via USB cable to your computer, and access iTunes. You should select the “backup content to this device” option.


11386572786_a39a258042_zThe other way to transfer photos, I believe, is easier and doesn’t utilize cloud technology in the same way iTunes does, but without the need to use USB cables. What is this second solution to transfer photos from the iPad 2 to the iPad Air? Cloud storage apps. Amazon’s Cloud Drive app only provides 5GB of free cloud storage, so you may want to utilize another cloud storage app if you have lots of photos. Box’s cloud storage app offers 50GB of free storage, so Box may be one of the best solutions to transfer photos. Other cloud storage apps that may serve you well include Copy (with 20GB of free cloud storage), Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Regardless of which cloud storage app you select, it will allow you to transfer photos to the cloud storage app so that, when you download the cloud storage app onto the new iPad Air, you can download the photos from the cloud storage app to your local memory storage on your iPad Air. If you already have a cloud storage app on your iPad Air but do not have one on your iPad 2, download it to your iPad 2 and add your photos. Then, access your cloud storage app on the iPad Air and download the photos. If you want to transfer your photos with one basic app instead of using a few, I would also suggest using Google’s Google + unlimited photo storage.


Here are the steps to transferring photos from iPad 2 to iPad Air using a cloud storage app:


Step #1: Download the cloud storage app from the App Store onto your iPad 2.


Step #2: Go into the cloud app and select “upload” or the upload symbol to load your iPad 2 photos onto the cloud storage app.


Step #3: Download the cloud storage app onto your iPad Air, then download the photos you’ve already saved there onto the iPad Air. Be sure you have enough space to download all of your albums. If you don’t have enough space, it may be wise to leave your photos safe in your cloud storage app to access whenever the need arises.

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