Top 5 Printing Apps For Your iPad

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// April 13, 2012

With many businesses now using iPads to complete daily tasks such as creating reports, analysing data and checking emails; the ability to print directly to your printer from the iPad has become fundamental. There are many great printing apps that have been developed to help solve the printing solution and below are five of the best that you should defiantly checkout.

Print Central

PrintCentral for iPadPrint central by Eurosmartz allows you to print to most Wi-Fi printers without any additional software having to be installed. With file management, web page printing plus many more features, this is the all in one must have printing app.

Get PrintCentral for $8.99 in iTunes.

Printer Pro

Printer Pro by Readdle gives you the flexibility to print many different types of documents from a range of apps. You can print things like:
Printer Pro for iPad

  • Email attachments
  • Files from Dropbox
  • Clipboard content
  • Webpages
  • Photos
  • Contacts

Get Printer Pro for $6.99 in iTunes.

Print n Share Pro

Print n Share Pro by Eurosmartz is the first multi-user document and printing app. The ability to have multi users means you can:
Print n Share for iPad

  • Create multiple user profiles
  • Secure access with password protection
  • Each user only has access to their own files and emails
  • Web history and bookmarks private to the user
  • Great for Businesses who share an iPad

Get Print n Share Pro for $9.99 in iTunes.


Printopia by eCamm allows you to share any printer that is connected to your Mac. Unfortunately Printopia is only designed to work with Macs and not compatible with Windows. Some of the features that are included are:
Printopia for iPad

  • Easy set up and instant prints
  • Configure printer settings (page size, print quality, colour options)
  • Advanced security, Industry standard encryption
  • Printopia virtual printer – By adding ‘virtual printers’ to your network, you can print a document directly to your Mac without the need of sending it to your printer.

Download Printopia 2 for Mac for $19.99.

Epson iPrint 2.0 (Epson printers)

Epson iPrint for iPadSince the introduction of the first iPrint 1.0, Epson has developed the newest version to enable PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint printing. Another great additional is that you can print from cloud based services like drop box and Google Docs.

If you have an Epson printer, this is a great solution.

Get Epson iPrint 2.0 for Free in iTunes.


While many of the above apps will have some of the same features and functions, they all have added extras that make them different. Before you jump into installing your chosen app, be sure to think about what types of data you need to print and what specific requirements you have.

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