How To Add Social Media Links To Your Email Signature

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// February 18, 2014
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Adding social media sites to your email signature can be done in a few steps:

Step #1

To add social media sites, you will first need to gather the links (whether business or personal) you want to add to your signature. I suggest that you copy and paste the links in an email page in your mail app so that you can retrieve them. Be sure to have the links close by. If you want to link your social media accounts (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.) to your email signature on your iPad, be sure to copy and paste the links so that you can later copy and paste them to your signature.

Step #2

Next, go to your settings, since you want to modify your email signature. Touch the Settings icon, then go into the “Mail, Contacts, calendars” tab. Once you do, you will see a section that refers to mail: always BCC myself, increase quote level, signature, and default account. Select the arrow to the right of the word “Signature.” You may even see the message, “Sent from my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch” already listed. This signature is the pre-set signature, and you can customize your email signature to your liking.

To modify your email signature, go into settings, then mail

the signature tab allows you to modify your email signature

Step #3

 Copy and paste each of your social media links to the end of your email signature. Be sure to space them out and place them on separate lines so that you do not run the hyperlinks together. This will keep the links from leading to error pages or working improperly when colleagues and associates you know (or family and friends) try to click over to your provided social media links.

Copy and paste the social media link(s) you want on your email signature

copy and paste job for email signature

Paste the social media links to your email signature

Step #4

If you want to test the process and see whether it worked, send yourself a test email, as I did in the screenshot below. If you see the hyperlinks in blue and can click them and transfer to the social media sites you’ve provided in your email signature, then your attempt was successful.

Now, your emails will have an email signature with social media links when you send an email or two

Keep in mind that you can change your email signature at any time, and add as many sites as you’d like. The goal is to make sure that each site has its own line and that your email signature looks nice, neat, and organized. First impressions are of utmost importance in life—and social media is no exception.

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