The Diamond in the Rough: How To Find Flagged Emails on Your iPad

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// February 7, 2014
Flagged emails are stored in one of your three mailboxes

You’ve likely experienced what happens when your email ends up in the “Spam” folder of your email account on your laptop or desktop. But, what if you can’t find flagged emails on your iPad?

Flagged emails occur when the system marks an email and places it in the email box of unwanted mail. Like spam mail on a desktop or laptop PC, flagged emails often end up being flagged because the system presumes you don’t want them. Usually, this happens when the email comes from a source that is considered to be from outside of the usual sources or email addresses. Even something as simple as a news article can end up in the flagged email box. It happened to me recently.

If you have an iPad, you can easily find your flagged emails. To find flagged emails on your iPad, perform the following steps:

to find flagged emails, select the Mail app on your iPad desktop


Step #1:

Select the Mail app from your iPad desktop.

In your inbox, select mailboxes to find your flagged emails


Step #2:

It’s likely your mail app will open to your inbox, where all your current emails are stored. If so, select the word “mailboxes” to the left of the word “inbox.” At the top, you will see your “Inbox,” “VIP,” and “Flagged” mailboxes. Select the “flagged” mailbox, and all of your flagged emails will appear.

Flagged emails are stored in one of your three mailboxes


Sometimes, emails are flagged or marked as “spam” or “unwanted” email for no apparent reason. Regardless, you can still find your way to them – and pick out the “diamonds” from the rough.

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