Stop iPhoto / Image Capture from opening when connecting iPad or iPhone

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// February 3, 2013

Applications like Image Capture and iPhoto automatically launching when an iPhone or iPad is plugged into a Mac can be annoying. Especially, if you are just wanting to charge the device.
Most users can easily find the option to disable iTunes from launching when iOS devices are connected, but disabling iPhoto or Image Capture is not as obvious.

All you need to do to stop iTunes from launching when your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is connected uncheck the first box under options on the Summary page in iTunes.


Stop Image Capture or iPhoto From Opening Automatically

1. Connect the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac with the USB cable.
2. Open the Image Capture application (you can find it in your Applications folder).
3. Select your iOS device from the Device List.
4. Click the Show Device Settings box in the lower left corner (if Device Settings are not visible.)
ipad-image capture
5. Choose “No Application” from the pulldown menu in the Device Settings under “Connecting this iPad opens”.

Now you can plug in your iOS device without the annoyance of unwanted applications opening.

iPhoto and Image Capture are both excellent applications to manage images on your iOS devices, but few people will find the need for the applications to open automatically every time the device is plugged in. The setting is easily disabled once you know where to find it.

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