Siri Tips: Edit search using text / roll dice and flip coins

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// May 30, 2013

Edit Siri TextSiri is by no means perfect, sometimes it will misinterpret what is being said no matter how clear you try to pronounce the words.

You may not realize that instead of repeating the phrase again you can hold your finger on the text and edit it. When you click “Done” Siri will perform the request again.

In the example on the right I intentionally said “mice” to show that editing a letter may be easier than repeating the phrase.

Let Siri Roll Dice or Flip a Coin For You

Siri flip coin roll dice
Another thing Siri can do that you may not be aware of is rolling dice and flipping coins.

Having trouble deciding something? Tell Siri to flip a coin for a random heads or tails answer.

Give Siri the command “roll dice” or “roll the dice” and you will get random dice numbers. This can come in handy for games or just creating random numbers.

Apple is slowly making improvements to Siri, but they still have a good deal of work to do. Letting Siri do local tasks without making requests from Apple’s servers would greatly increase the speed for things like playing songs, composing emails, texts, alarms, etc. Opening the API to developers and improving Siri’s voice recognition would be welcomed improvements. Apple’s WWDC conference is less than two weeks away and we may see some of these improvements with iOS 7.

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