Simple Ways to Maximize Battery Life on iPad Air

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// June 30, 2016
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In October we saw the debut of the new iPad Air and with it came a new, smaller battery. Luckily for us, the smaller battery along with the new chipset and processor, is more efficient and can still give us a full 10 hours.

In order to maximize battery life on iPad Air, and ensure that you get the full 10 hours, there are a few simple things you should do.

Turn off Wi-FI

This is probably one of the larges iPad drains on battery life because when it’s on it is always searching for a connection. To turn off Wi-Fi go to Settings > Wi-FI > Off

Turn off Bluetooth

This is less draining than Wi-Fi, but still affects battery life. Only active Bluetooth when you want to transfer data or activate a Bluetooth enabled device such as speakers.

Adjust Brightness Control

Adjust the brightness of your screen to just what you require. This may mean that you adjust it when you go outside, or when you go into a darker room, but believe me, this will definitely extend your battery life. There is an Auto Brightness feature that will automatically adjust based on the current lighting. To set Auto Brightness go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpapers > set Auto Brightness to ON. You can also manually adjust the brightness by going to Settings> Brightness & Wallpapers > slide the bar to the left or right

Avoid Live iPad Wallpapers

The dynamic wallpapers are a slow death for any battery, keep the ipad wallpaper to still images.


Keep your system updated. Several of the OS updates have given us battery optimization features. These small things, but they all add up to extending your battery life.

Turn off Location Based Apps

There are a lot of apps out there that will provide you information based on your location such as weather, movies, and maps. These applications are always running in the background, which means they are using your valuable battery life. The best way to save the battery is to only run those apps when you need them. They can be turned off by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off

Change Your iPad Email Settings

Or at least change how you read it. This is another app that many leave running, so it becomes a constant battery drain. Turn off the auto retrieval feature of your email and only retrieve it when you need it. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch. Under New Data set Push to Off and Fetch to Manually. This means that it will only look for new email when you tell it to, instead of constantly looking for it.


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