Seeing Big: How To Increase Text Size in iOS 7

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// January 30, 2014
Drag the slider to adjust the text size in iOS 7

As with all iPad settings, the iPad’s text size is set to factory settings – meaning that the text size you see right out of the box will be tiny and small. For visually-impaired individuals, the iPad’s small print is a flaw that needs changing. Fortunately, you do not need to send your iPad back to Apple in order to find a solution.

Here is our solution on how to increase text size in iOS 7


Step #1: Select the settings icon from your iPad desktop. Since you’re changing the text size in iOS 7, you’ll need to make a format change.

To increase text size, first go to settings


Step #2: Choose the General subsection, then select “Text Size” from the second square to the right.

In General Settings, go to Text Size


Step #3: At the bottom of the section, you will see what the iPad calls a “slider.” Drag the slider to the right to increase your text size. As you can see, the slider has the smaller type (small “A”) to the left, while the larger text size (the large “A”) is to the right. When you finish, click the “General” word at the top to return to your general settings, or the home button to return to your main desktop.

Drag the slider to adjust the text size in iOS 7


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