Save any Windows document to your iPad using iBooks

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// May 1, 2012

A simple way to transfer documents from your PC to your iPad is to convert the document or file to a PDF (Portable Document Format.) This will work for almost any document including; Word, Works, Excel, HTML documents and more. If you can print the document on your PC, you can transfer it to your iPad.

You could also use iCloud to transfer Windows documents to your iPad, but that requires you to purchase Pages, Numbers or Keynote for iOS. Converting your documents to PDFs will allow you to view them in the Free iBooks app and PDFs are multi-platform. That means you can email them and know that the recipient will be able to view them on a Mac, PC, Android or iOS device.

Converting Windows Documents to PDFs

You will need to download a third-party program to your PC to convert the document to a PDF. Here are two Free (not Shareware) tools for converting documents to PDFs;

1. DoPDF
2. CutePDF Writer

They both add a PDF function to your printer driver, so after you install one of the applications you can click print, then choose to “Print to PDF” instead of your printer.
You can also select the location you want to save the file or they will be save to your documents folder by default.

Add PDFs to iTunes

After the file has been saved as a PDF, you can add it to iTunes. If you already have a book or PDF in iTunes you can open iTunes, click on Books in the sidebar and drag and drop your PDF to the Books section.

If you do not see Books in the sidebar;
1. Go to File
2. Click on Add File to Library.
3. Locate the file
4. Click Open.

Add File to iTunes

Sync PDFs to iPad

Now, all you have to do is sync the PDFs or books to your iPad.

1. Plug your iPad into your computer.
2. Click on the iPad under Devices on the left.
3. Click on Books at the top of the screen.
4. Check “Sync Books” and select All books or Select books (you will need to check each box next to the book or PDF.)
5. Click Apply, then sync your iPad.

iTunes PDF

After your iPad finishes syncing, you can turn it on and open iBooks. Then, tap on Collections, select PDFs and view your files on your iPad.

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