Problem With the Colors on Your iPad? Here’s a Quick and Easy Fix

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// October 1, 2015
ipad screen colour problem

Has this happened to your iPad?iPad screen colour problem

If you’ve had this problem, you are probably concerned that you might have to spend $299 on a new screen. Unfortunately, that might be the case. Before exploring the option of purchasing a new screen, we suggest that you try any of these steps to rectify your problem.

Best solution to iPad colour problem

Tap three times on the back of your iPad. You can tap with your knuckles. Tap pretty hard (these things are durable, you are not likely to punch a hole through the iPad). Tap a few times and see if that solves your color problem. We offer this as the #1 solution because so many people have found it to work! If you check any iPad forum, this solution is always at the top. If this solution works, great! If not, we have some alternative ones.

Is your iPad still under warranty?

If your iPad is still under warranty, go to the nearest Apple store (or contact them if driving is not feasible) and explain your situation. Apple may replace your iPad’s screen for free if they determine that it was not your fault that the screen now has a problem. This solution has been reported to have some limited success. Otherwise, Apple will try to charge you to replace the screen. Before purchasing a screen, try the next solution.

Last resort….

Buy a new iPad or replace the screen. There are many iPad fix-it type websites out there, and it might be worth your while to investigate one of them to see if they can work out a cheap solution for you. Some of our favorites are,, and These sites have DIY kits that run $120 or mail-in situations that run about the same. A new screen is going to cost you between $229 and $329. For comparison’s sake, a refurbished iPad will cost you $419 for the 4th gen. 16GB Wi-fi model.

20 thoughts on “Problem With the Colors on Your iPad? Here’s a Quick and Easy Fix

  1. Mike says:

    go to control panel
    display accommodations….
    and,,,,turn off auto brightness!
    BINGO….why it solves this problem is beyond me,
    but it worked for me.
    I got this from a very talented geek tech who read it on an Apple tech forum
    I hope it works for you

  2. Howard says:

    Tapping worked after about 30 but will it last?

  3. Sandra Daley says:

    I just lightly shake my iPad a few times when the color fades and voila… it’s fixed… colors return to normal! ☺️

  4. IanG says:

    Yup, worked for me too. Cannot believe it!

  5. ydtparts says:

    I think your ipad screen a problem.

  6. 8what says:

    It actually works- unbelievable😀

  7. Mickey says:

    This works!!!!
    I have an iPad 2 and thought it had finally given up the ghost. However, I turned it over, gave it some aggressive knuckle taps on the back, and voila’.

  8. Nilesh says:

    Tapping worked 🙂

  9. Bernadette says:

    Amazing!! Tapping worked!👏 Thank you☺️👍

  10. JamesB says:

    Firmly hold both sides of iPad, then “tap” iPad on kneecap. I agree that tapping in different locations over a few days might be worth trying. Good luck and thanks for this tip!

  11. Baby karen pecho says:

    Tapping worked, thank you so much!

  12. Kiwileash says:

    This is GENIUS. I was looking at a $300 repair bill for my sons iPad after he dropped it at school yesterday. Stumbled across this suggestion as I was crying into my cup of tea this morning and (a dozen or so careful taps on the table on a number of different angles later) it’s perfect! So, I’m guessing this means there is a graphics card or connection of some sort that can come loose when they get dropped, and if you’re lucky you can tap and turn it a few times and get it back into the right place… Not a permanent fix maybe but good enough for now! Thank you SO MUCH.

  13. Karen says:

    Fantastic. I had to tap about 50 times in different spots (over 3 days because I kept giving up on it) and then it came good. Well worth persisting.

  14. Richard says:

    Tapping is not working any other thoughts

  15. Ken says:

    Unbelievable……tapping solved color bleeding !!!

  16. Daleine says:

    It worked great for mine. Color is back to normal

  17. Gini says:

    Tapping didn’t work… Screen lost color after grandchild played with it…????

  18. Nan cat says:

    so is it if the screen colours has gone weird and the stuffs has gone different colours cos I can’t tell cos I’m looking it up on the broken iPad lol nyan nyan

  19. Kashif says:

    Tapping worked in my case too, though i had to tap more than three times 🙂 … Thanks

  20. Carol Keating says:

    Tapping worked thank you

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