How to Permanently Make iPad Larger Fonts

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// April 23, 2015

Tech tablets are not always made for people who depend on glasses to read content within applications. The majority of the applications optimized for most tablets on the market, utilize small fonts; leaving users to have to carry their lenses with them everywhere.

However, with the introduction of iOS 7, iPad users don’t have to worry about not being able to read small fonts. In fact, the new software has implemented a setting feature, which allows users to adjust the size of the fonts used in applications permanently.

But first, let’s address how users are most familiar with adjusting fonts on the iPad tablet. Most users are comfortable with their routing pinching technique, to resize fonts in everything from PDF files to web browser pages. This is easily done by applying two fingers to the screen and spreading them apart from each other to get the image or font to appear larger. By pinching them together, the user can make the font smaller.

Secondly, a portion of users prefer to use the double tap function, whereby they can double tap on a portion of the screen and the section will appear front and center, and larger. Browser pages are beautifully optimized for iPads, so the process is seamless; allowing particular sections of the page to come forth, such as a column or photo description.

But what most people do not know about iOS 7 is that Apple developers have made it possible to adjust the font permanently from the settings control panel. It’s a hidden gem, but easily exposed by following these easy steps.

Take a trip into the Settings app, and select the General tab. You’ll see the “Text Size” tab. After tapping, a slider will appear on the screen. This is the key to changing how fonts appear in every aspect of the iPad’s screen.

Head over to settings, then general to expose the text size slider. Head over to settings, then general to expose the text size slider.

From left to right, the slider adjusts font sizes, with the right side making them larger. However, this feature mainly works for built-in iPad applications that are native, such as the Mail and Calendar apps. If you’d like the font to be larger in other downloaded applications; head over to the accessibility menu and tap on the Larger Type option.

Access accessibility tab to expose Larger Type option. Access accessibility tab to expose Larger Type option.

With the implementation of font controls, many developers are now onboard with the concept, and have optimized their applications accordingly. By adjusting the Larger Type option, applications that are compatible with the feature, will display larger fonts automatically.

After enabling these last two settings, users will no longer have to use the tap or pinching technique to adjust font sizes. Screens will automatically be optimized to the user’s reading preference.

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