Password protect Mail app and more with Applocker 2

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// February 13, 2012

Here’s a problem Apple that hasn’t addressed yet. How can iPad users password protect their Mail app? Apparently, Apple still sees the iPad as a single user device. This may be true with the iPhone but this is not always the case with the iPad. They both have an almost identical passcode lock system, which enables users to set a passcode to use the devices and lock certain items but neither include the Mail app.

This can be a problem when more than one person uses the same iPad. For instance, a parent letting a child use their iPad may not want them reading or possibly deleting emails. Fortunately, there’s a solution but it does require a jailbroken device.


Applocker is a great example of why people jailbreak iOS devices. This tweak provides an app and folder locking system that is probably similar to what Apple would design if only they would do so.

Applocker can be installed on a jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod touch by simply searching for “Applocker” in Cydia. The tweak can then be purchased for only $0.99.

Applocker is compatible with all iOS devices with iOS 4 and iOS 5. The tweak does much more than just password protect the Mail app, it will let you set a password for any application or folder, home screen layout, camera roll and more.

The tweak was recently updated to Applocker 2 that added the following new features;

  • Lock apps from icon jiggle mode. Red lock icon – locked, green – unlocked
  • Disable Applocker on a certain wifi network.
  • Lock iOS 5 notification banners.
  • Lock post launching an app
  • Preferences (and therefore your password) are removed when Applocker is removed from Cydia
  • Forgot password mechanism – enter your secret phrase to reset the password to 1234
  • Restrict access to photos from the camera app
  • Allows up to five folders to be locked
  • Kick to lock screen when the wrong password is entered
  • Auto launch apps when the right password is entered
  • Includes a user guide with common Q&A.
  • Includes authors twitter link and Applocker’s page on Cydia

Applocker is added as an extensions in setting. This is where you need to set up Applocker.
Here I will give you an example of how to password protect the Mail app.

    1. Enable the tweak by turning it ON.

  • Go to General and set your password. I also recommend turning on Lock Settings under General to ensure someone can’t simply open the Applocker settings and find your password.



  • Go to Application Locking -> Applications and turn on the Mail app. I also recommend to turn on Lock From Jiggle Mode.
  • Now you will need to choose where you want to Lock Launching apps from. For the best security I recommend turning on all of the options as shown in the photo below.


You also have the option of locking up to five folders by turning on the option and entering the name of the folder.

Another cool feature is that you can set to disable the passwords on certain WiFi networks. For instance, you can disable Applocker at a place you trust by simply setting the current WiFi network when it’s available.

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