My iPod Touch Runs iOS 3; the App Store Only Allows Updates for iOS 4.3 and Above. What To Do?

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// February 24, 2014
iPod Touch 2nd Generation

Q: My iPod won’t let me download any apps from the App Store. It will tell me that the app requires iOS 4.3. What should I do? My device is an iPod Touch running iOS 3.1.3.

iOS 4.3 update requirement

A: Which iPod Touch do you have? It seems from the question above that you did not provide which iPod Touch model you have. If you have an iPod Touch 2nd-generation (iPod Touch 2G), you cannot upgrade your device beyond iOS 4.2.1 – meaning that iOS 4.3 requires a newer iPod Touch model such as the iPod Touch 3G. If you have an iPod Touch 2G and want to download and install apps, jailbreaking your iPod Touch and installing jailbreak tweaks for iOS 3 or iOS 4 is the only option you have at this point.

If you have the 3G, however, I am pleased to inform you that you can upgrade to iOS 4.3 on your iPod Touch 3G that’s currently running iOS 3.1.3. Since the iPod Touch 3G was announced with iOS 3.1 as the starting point, it seems that your device hasn’t been updated since.

Since you’re running an outdated iOS that the App Store does not recognize, it is my advice to you to update your iPod Touch 3G to iOS 5 (seeing that iOS 5 is the last update for the third-generation iPod Touch) and then download apps from the App Store. You will not be able to upgrade to iOS 4.3, since Apple has provided several updates for your iPod Touch 3G since then (all the way up to iOS 5.1.1).

Since you’re asking about iOS 4.3, however, it’s likely that you own an iPod Touch 2G, so I’m afraid your days of downloading App Store apps are done. Since Apple removed web support from the iPod Touch 2G after introducing the iPod Touch 3G, you can no longer download apps from the App Store.  Apps require web support, and to deny web support is to also deny app access. I hope this helps.

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