My iPhone 6 Won’t Charge! Here’s How You Fix It.

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// June 30, 2016

Nothing can be more frustrating than an iPhone that doesn’t charge right? I mean, you plugged the cable into the wall power socket, you connected it to your iPhone and still, it doesn’t charge your battery. Why? Well, before you have a panic attack and call the iPhone customer support service, take a moment to read this article at length and find out the REAL REASON why your iPhone is not charging.

In most cases, your mobile device doesn’t charge because the wall adapter is defective, the cable is broken or the iPhone connector port might be damaged. One of these 3 factors may actually be the cause of your iPhone charging problem.

As an Apple technician, I know one or two things about iPhone components and I can tell you that in most cases, the software of your phone might be the culprit for this issue. Before we discuss this in greater detail, let’s first destroy a couple of myths that usually surround this problem.


To understand how your extremely complicated iPhone works and why it doesn’t charge, you first need to learn that the battery s not directly linked to the power source. When you plug your iPhone into a wall power socket, the power drives through the connector port into the logic board. Here, the software alongside with the logic board “decide” whether or not they should charge the iPhone. Therefore, if you replace the battery, your iPhone might still not charge and you will become even more frustrated.

  1. Take a closer look at your iPhone’s USB cable


If you have an iPhone 5 or newer then your device features a lighting cable to charge. If your iPhone is older then it features a 30-pin dock connector cable to charge. Make sure that you carefully inspect both ends for traces of wear and tear, particularly the end which connects to your phone. If the cable seems deteriorated, it might be a good idea to replace this one, instead of the iPhone’s battery.

The good news is that if your phone is still in the warranty period, you can have it replaced for free by Appe. All that you have to do is to go to to create a return ticket. You can also contact your local Apple store to make an appointment with the Genius Bar, the team which handle such problems. It is better to set up an appointment so that you don’t have to wait in line next time you visit the Apple store.

Additionally, it is important to mention here that the quality of the cables is crucial. The certified Apple cables are more durable and less prone to wear and tear. If you buy a cable from the next gas station, you might save a couple of dollars, but does it worth it? Even better, check on Amazon for quality Apple cables to make sure you get the real thing.

If you are thinking of getting a replacement cable then you might be happy to know that my Apple-certified lighting cables are great for your Apple 5 or higher. Similarly, these 30-pins dock connector cables are suitable for you if you have an Apple 4 or older. As a bonus, you can check out these 6-foot long cables because they are less expensive than the Apple ones and very useful in the long run.

Don’t even think about getting a new battery! In most cases, a software problem might prevent your iPhone from charging properly!

When people encounter a charging problem with their iPhone, they usually think that this happens because the battery is damaged and they eventually get angry at the thought of spending money on a brand new one. Fortunately for you, that might not be the case. It is important to keep in mind that a software problem is usually the culprit and we will address that in a couple of seconds.

2. Make sure that your iPhone charging problem is not caused by a software crash


Yes, it sounds weird, but in many cases this is the problem. Let’s imagine a scenario: a customer walks into the Apple customer service department and says that he tried to charge up his phone all night long, but couldn’t do so because the screen remains black all the times. He connects the iPhone to a wall power socket again, to prove to the customer service representative his point. The screen still remains black.

Afterwards, the iPhone is handed to me for repairing and all I do is to press the power and the home buttons together for 30 seconds – obviously, the desperate customer loses his patience and wonders why it takes so long. After these 30 seconds or so, the Apple logo appears on the screen and the phone is brought back to life! The customer is amazed and asks what this magic he is witnessing is.

The answer is simple: if the software crashes, it won’t “tell” the phone to charge, not even if you connect it to different power outlets, to your computer or to your car. The software itself is the brain that drives the phone. By rebooting an iPhone, I did a simple software reset which solved the charging problem.

Sometimes, solving your iPhone’s charging problem is not that simple. We need to go more in depth with the 3 factors we presented at the beginning of the article. In other words, the wall adapter, the USB cable and/or the connector port in your iPhone might cause a charging problem.

Check to see if the cable is really the problem

If you have a friend who also has an iPhone then you are golden! Try to charge your phone using his cable. If it works, your cable needs replaced. On the other hand, if your phone charges when you connect it to your computer, but it doesn’t when you are using a wall adapter (or vice versa), then the cable is not the problem.

4. Remember to also check your power source

You can charge your iPhone in many different ways. For example, you can use a speaker dock, you can plug your phone into a wall power socket, you can use a car charger, you can connect it to your laptop, etc. In fact, here are some of the best iPhone chargers available on at this moment.

It is important to mention here that as a preventative measure, iPhone software is specially designed to prevent charging if it discovers power fluctuations. This is useful because it prevents phone damages, but it also prevents proper charging. To see if the power source is the culprit, you can take your iPhone to a friend and use his charger, laptop, speaker charger, whatever.

Also remember that charging using an Apple keyboard or a USB hub can be problematic. I’ve seen many times iPhones that don’t charge when they are connected to an Apple keyboard, for example, simply because these devices are limited to a certain power supply output. If the software detects a lower-than-normal power output, it will prevent charging altogether to protect the device.

5. Check the iPhone’s charging port


The last one in our list is the charging port itself. Use a flashlight to carefully inspect it and look for traces of gunk or similar debris. If you find anything, use a brand new toothbrush to eliminate dust and impurities from the connector port hole. Remember that your iPhone has multiple little pins inside the connector port and if only one of them is blocked by dust, your phone won’t charge. Using little anti-static brushes to eliminate debris and gunk from the interior of connector ports.

Another common cause might be a short circuit inside the connector port. Even if you have eliminated most of the gunk and debris, liquid damage is a pain in the bottom and it can damage the connector port permanently.

What can I do if my iPhone refuses to charge?

Make sure that you visit an Apple store and see what the guys out there have to say. If indeed liquid damage is the problem then the customer service guys will eventually tell you that you need to replace the phone altogether. Customers who have AppleCare+ are luckier as it will be less expensive for them. If you have photos and videos stored in your device, they might be gone forever as Apple cannot do anything to retrieve them for you.

Still, you have a chance with This is a service that might cost less than Apple and it can repair connector dock and other small components which Apple refuse to repair altogether. As a result, you might be able to save your phone, save some money and even save your photos and videos.


Hopefully one of those little tricks will help you bring your iPhone back to life. Don’t hesitate to write back and tell me your experiences with your problematic iPhone. Maybe I can help you.

3 thoughts on “My iPhone 6 Won’t Charge! Here’s How You Fix It.

  1. Greg says:

    I have a iPhone 6 got a new battery then the phone stop charging so I had a new charger port put on but still will not charge we had tried new apple cords and blocks they work in other phones but not this one please help thanks

  2. Tony says:

    Hi, my iphone 6 only charges to 3% and then it won’t charge after. I have been having this problem for awhile now. I tried lots of other iphone cables and it still did not work. Can you help?

    1. Salmon Fish says:

      Dear Tony, Try using a genuine or more expensive cable from amazon. Stay away from the cheap charging cables on Ebay. Those charging cable and outlet are mostly made in CHINA which will give the worst quality.

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