Is Your IPad Mini Freezing? Find A Solution Here

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// January 26, 2015

Packing the functions of a full iPad in a compact size, the iPad mini meets a lot of needs for many mobile device users. As with most electronic products, however, this one occasionally malfunctions. An iPad mini freezing is one common issue users encounter. There are some steps to take upon discovering an iPad mini frozen, the best one depending on the exact nature of the problem.

Random Incidents of iPad mini Frozen
Not all issues with a frozen device are ongoing or frequent. Sometimes, an iPad mini freezing is a singular event. Once a user completes the usual steps for correcting the frozen screen and resuming activity, the problem often will not return. For these randomly occurring incidents, the user can simply reset the device. Hold the Home button and Power button simultaneously, and the Apple logo will appear after several seconds. The device will subsequently restart. If the user was running a large number of apps upon finding the iPad mini frozen, it can be helpful to close a few of those before resuming the activity that was ongoing when the difficulty occurred.

Safari Freezing on iPad mini
Occasionally, a freezing issue with Safari affects iPad mini users. Rather than an issue with the operating system, this is more specifically an issue with Safari. It does, however, seem to occur with greater frequency on iOS 8 devices. Keeping current with system and app updates can help to minimize problems with Safari on an iPad mini freezing. If it does occur on an updated system, it is helpful to clear the browser history and website data when access to the app is restored. It might be necessary, though, to first do a reset of the device.


Freezing During Update
One of the scarier incidents of having an iPad mini freezing is when updating the device to a newer version. This has, unfortunately, been somewhat common with updates to iOS 8.1 for many users. The good news is that in many cases, the download or update process is delayed rather than frozen. With some patience, the process might continue on its own. If it does not, a reset of the device should be done and the update attempted again. If the update will not complete over-the-air, updating via a connection to iTunes might be the only option.

The Value of DFU Mode
Less frequently, an update might freeze or fail when it is performed by connecting to iTunes. Users can recover from this issue and other more serious problems by going into DFU mode. To enter DFU mode when dealing with an iPad mini freezing, hold the Power button by itself for approximately three seconds, and then also hold the Home button for another fifteen seconds. Release the Power button, but continue holding the Home button for about another ten seconds. The device should display a prompt to connect to iTunes at that point. After connecting, the device may be restored and then updated. Users should perform a backup before attempting the update again. DFU mode is a complex solution when when discovering an iPad mini frozen, but it is also a reliable one.

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