IPad ITunes Download Errors Explored and Resolved

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// January 17, 2015

Some of the most enjoyable activities on a mobile device include listening to music and watching videos, and that makes it especially frustrating to experience an iPad iTunes download error. How to deal with the error will depend on the version of the device and iOS that is installed. Specific steps can change from version to version of the software, and some older devices will have different tips and strategies for dealing with an iPad iTunes error.


Older Generation iPads
Older iPads that can only run operating systems up to iOS 5 might occasionally experience an error downloading music or videos from iTunes. To begin the solution that tends to work the most frequently, go to the Downloads area of the app. Look for the download arrow icon next to the download error message. Tap that to retry the download. Users may also perform a horizontal swipe to invoke the Delete option. This will often clear a download that is stuck and needs to be restarted. Successful clearing of errors in this way helps prevent the need to sync the device to iTunes on the computer that is used to manage the iPad.

Newer Generation iPads
Even newer devices will see a snafu periodically, and download errors are relatively benign on them. With iOS 7, for instance, the user can often clear an iPad iTunes error by signing out of the app, restarting the device, and signing in again. Retrying the download at that stage is often successful. If the error was caused by downloading a large movie file while the device had too little space, clearing some content before retrying the download is necessary.

iPads with iOS 8
Sometimes, an iPad iTunes download error occurs during an upgrade rather than with media files. Specifically, this may happen with the software download when some users attempt an upgrade to iOS 8. The issue in this case is that the file becomes corrupted during the course of the download. The error in that instance can be corrected by undergoing a restore with the device in recovery mode.

Common to All Versions
Occasionally, an iPad iTunes error occurs in which the user is temporarily unable to download podcasts, music or video files. The user should first check to ensure network connectivity is functioning. If the device is accessing the network properly and the connection is adequate, it is helpful to restart the iPad and the app. In the case of download errors with podcasts, the user should wait and try again at a later time. The reason for this is that with podcasts, the host server might simply be busy or temporarily unavailable.

Checking Available Updates
Updating to a newer version, if available, is often the best solution to periodic glitches. This is especially the case with some versions of iOS 8 that have difficulties such as an iPad iTunes download error. While it is often a good idea to wait a short while to see if a new update is particularly heavy on bugs, it is generally beneficial to remain current with available system updates. A system that follows a prudent course of updates experiences fewer snafus, including iPad iTunes error issues.

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