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// January 22, 2016
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One of the key of features of the iPad is email and being able to use your email on the device is almost essential. Setting up your email can be pretty much seamless for some but many of the questions I get are related to email issues, here are some tips that you may find helpful in setting up Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and other email provider for iOS 9.2.

The Simple Way to Setup Email

The simplest way to setup your email on the iPad is to sync your email accounts from your desktop computer with iTunes. iTunes will sync your email information if you check a few boxes with your iPad plugged into your computer.

    1. Plug in the iPad and open iTunes (iTunes will probably open automatically)
    2. Click on the iPad on the left of the screen, under devices in iTunes.
    3. Next, select info, you should see a screen like the one below.

  1. Check, Sync Mail Accounts and check the accounts you wish to add to your iPad.

You do not need to select mail accounts under advanced as in the photo but this option can be used if you have changed the email setting on your iPad and want to go back to the same email setting as on your computer.


Setting Up Email Accounts on the iPad

Setting up email accounts from the iPad is fairly easy. You just need to know all your email account information. You will need the email address, password, account type (POP,IMAP), incoming mail server (pop.example.com), outgoing mail server (smtp.examle.com) and the port number.

To add a Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail email account tap Settings, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars,” tap Add Account. then select the type of account you would like to add and enter all your email information.

I have created a list of popular email server names and setting. This information can also be provided by your email service provider. It is best to use IMAP(if you have multiple devices that uses the same E-Mail). Use SSL if you’re only sign into one device when setting up email accounts, especially on mobile devices such as, the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Managing Emails Accounts

You can add multiple email accounts and once the email accounts are on the iPad it’s easy to manage the accounts.

Stop using an Account: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” choose an account, then turn Account off.

If an account is off, iPad doesn’t display the account and doesn’t send or check email from or sync other information with that account, until you turn it back on.

Delete an account from iPad: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” choose an account, then scroll down and tap Delete Account.

Deleting an account means you can no longer access the account on iPad. All email and the contacts, calendar, and bookmark information synced with the account are removed from iPad.

Delete Messages Automatically: Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” choose an account, then select advanced and then select Remove. The default is set on never. You can also choose from one day, one week or after one month.

Email Options

There are several options for you to customize you email app with, these options are accessible by going to settings, “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.

  • Push emails or Fetch at intervals
  • Choose the number of messages shown on iPad (25, 50, 75, 100, 200)
  • Set how many lines of each message are previewed
  • Select a minimum font size
  • Set whether iPad shows To and Cc labels  (To or Cc next to each message in a list indicates whether the message was sent directly to you or you received a copy)
  • Set whether iPad confirms that you want to delete a message
  • Set whether iPad automatically loads remote images
  • Set whether iPad sends you a copy of every message you send ( Always Bcc Myself on or of)
  • Customize or remove signature to your messages
  • Set the default email account

Email Troubleshooting

Email Attachments file Won’t Open or Download

The file type may not be supported. iPad supports the following types of email attachments:

  • .doc – Microsoft Word
  • .docx – Microsoft Word (XML)
  • .htm – Webpage
  • .html – Webpage
  • .key – Keynote
  • .numbers – Numbers
  • .pages – Pages
  • .pdf –   Preview, Adobe Acrobat
  • .ppt – Microsoft PowerPoint
  • .pptx – Microsoft PowerPoint (XML)
  • .rtf – Rich Text Format
  • .txt – Text
  • .vcf – Contact Information
  • .xls – Microsoft Excel
  • .xlsx -Microsoft Excel (XML)


Why can’t I receive emails from my iPad?

  • If you have just set up the account verify that all your email account information is correct. If you need any help with finding the information to enter contact your email provider. Here is a list with most email settings and links to help pages of popular email service providers.
  • Make sure you have a data connection (Wi-Fi or 3g).
  • Turn iPad off, and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then drag the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.
  • If you use one or more computers to check the same email account, it may create a lock-out. For more information, go to this support page.

Why can’t I send emails from my iPad?

  • After you have verified that all your email account information is correct, go to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, tap on your email account, tap on the Outgoing Mail Server, tap on the Primary Server, enter your user name and password where it says Optional.
  • Make sure you have a data connection (Wi-Fi or 3g).
  • Turn iPad off, and then on again. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then drag the slider. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears.

Here is another E-Mail article with more detailed email troubleshooting information.

Updating to Latest iOS 9.2 or Download the App

Updating to latest version on the iOS will sometimes mess up the E-mail functions. But if you don’t update, you will be missing out on new features and bug fixes. So I suggest you to update to the latest iOS.

If adding E-Mail doesn’t work, you can simply download the latest email App.

Gmail App

Yahoo Email App

Outlook Email/Calendar app

iPhone 7 Email Fix

How can I create email folders on the iPad?

Creating email folders is currently not available on the iPad. However, there are a couple of other good options but they involve webmail or changing to IMAP mail. Here is some more detailed information on E-Mail Fix.

Thanks for all your comments and questions. I have started a new topic in the forum for email issues. That will allow the comment on the home page and increase the visibility of the question.

42 thoughts on “iPad Email Help – Setting Up and Troubleshooting Mail

  1. Pete says:

    Why does’nt ‘Delete’ mean delete ?
    Spend time ‘chasing obsolete emails from folder to folder, finally, they. arrive in’Junk’- think i’ve cleared them all, Close the mail app, re-open after half-hour and all the emails have re-appeared in the ‘trash’ folder.

  2. Tammy says:

    Help! Half of my emails continue to go to the junk file. These started soon after I bought my iPhone 7 plus. I might add that I’ve spent hours and hours with Apple. No answer. I’ve even stopped in a Apple Store.???
    Help Tammy

  3. Ken Booth says:

    My last message wasn’t clear as auto correct took over.

    So when I move email messages that include small Excel files to my folder they move and are visible just for a few seconds and then just disappear. I am unable to find them after that. I only have about 15 stored in this folder.
    Any ideas please

  4. Ken Booth says:

    When I move main to a folder it loads and then just disappears. I smoke unable to find it after that.
    They are only small excel files and I have about 15 stored?
    Any help please

  5. Gayle says:

    Is there a way to stop emails from showing up in iPad mail app? It does not give me a delete option only move or archive (I don’t want to archive emails) I have, yahoo, gmail, outlook. Grazie for any help.

    1. iPad Help Joe says:

      Hi Gayle. I think for your setting on Mail it is all set to “Archive Mail Box” Goto iPhone/iPad Setting->Mail->Account->Advance and set it to Deleted Mailbox.

  6. randy says:

    When I try to throw emails into the trash, I get a message that tells me that I am unable to move messages into the trash, leaving my inbox full of unwanted emails. How can I selectively throw away messages?

  7. M robinson says:

    My keyboard pops up covering in the screen when I try to send email so I can’t see what I am typing

  8. Bill says:

    iPad won’t sync more than two weeks, why? Help……

  9. Charlie says:

    This was a well written article. Now try doing the same about a Samsung Tab 2, 10.1 inch. Black. I would be most interested if you could be as accurate about a Samsung product.

  10. Dimitris says:

    On my IPad , My emai page open and a second later close why

  11. Doug McShane says:

    How can I stop email from automatically coming in to my new ipad air – I only want the emails to come in when I open messages

  12. Bingham Bache says:

    My inbox suddenly shows 7700 e-mails which aren’t there and I cannot get rid of it. Not affecting anything but I would like it to go away. Any suggestions?

  13. Janice says:

    I need help, when emailing thru gmail, when I try to attach word document I get only 2 options…one for pictures and one for doodles…no excel or word files! What an I missing?

  14. Jean Baucutt says:

    I have a server called Jean which keeps appearing on the screen.it tells me I can’t have mail but if I cancel it it does not stop my mail. I have never installed this server how can I cancel it

  15. W Dadswell says:

    Is there any way, I can view sent emails farther back than 2012?

  16. R. Zellner says:

    My iPad no longer receives messages. The message says to check the settings. I have done so and they are the same as my laptop computer. Help please.

  17. Lucille Landry says:

    I would like to find out how to change my primary E-Mail address on my Apple I-Pad.

  18. CharLes Horn says:

    I deleted my cch**[email protected] from my IPad by mistake!!! Can I get it back? It has all my “life” in it!!!


    Charles Horn

  19. Mark says:

    Emails that were in my outbox on ipad have vanished. Where can I find these?

  20. Emma says:

    I use Gmail as my outgoing server on iPad and iPhone but despite setting default email to my personal email address it always reverts to my gmail one. Is there any way of stopping this!?

  21. Patricia says:

    New email messages to my inbox have recently started disappearing after one day. Why is this happening?

  22. Gail Berlin-Grous says:

    I have same problem as Pamela & Teresa. Email stopped in middle of attaching photos, blank screen that reverts to home page. Went to Apple Store, AT&T, they said go to Yahoo! My husband & I found I can access my email on my phone, his IPad, & his computer. He tried to access his email on my iPad with no success. Blank screen that reverts. So my iPad is the problem! Anyone found solution? Going again to Apple with this page saved! Help!

  23. Pamela Osborne says:

    On my iPad my mail doesn’t open when I touch it, all else works normally. I’ve tried switching iPad off for a while, back on, going into settings and switching Mail on and off,. It stopped working after I was trying to send an email with maybe too many photos, the mail is just a blank screen all else works well. What can I do?

  24. Joel Harrell says:

    How do I retrieve an email from a folder, ie, Important, etc.? When I try to open the folder, the email that is on display is saved to the folder. what steps am I missing?

  25. Teresa Bull says:

    I was attaching several photos to an email. When I attached the last one email went blank. Now when I go into emails screen is blank apart from icons at top right. Screen is locked and just disappears after a few seconds then goes back to iPad home screen. I don’t know how to clear this.

  26. PCL says:

    My iPad2 no longer downloads my hotmail. The screen is blank except for the two boxes and icons in upper rift corner for forwarding, etc. It all started near August 12, 2015. So frustrating.

  27. Ed Ratledge says:

    I have about 20 messages in my Inbox, but The mailbox count is over 8,000. How can I make it show the real number?

    1. Betsy Boone says:

      Did you ever figure this out, Ed? Mine does the same thing. I even had an IT look at it at the library and thought the problem was solved but currently have about 7,000 listed.

      1. Sandra says:

        Did you get an answer to your problem? I am having the same one! Thanks

  28. Aimee says:

    Two days ago, my iPad stopped allowing me to view my emails. If I receive an email, I must select reply in order to view the original email. Otherwise, I can view who is sending the email but the contents is blank. Has anyone had this issue who can provide assistance? Thank you!

  29. Jan says:

    When I open my email it is blank, no folders or anything it worked fine yesterday, tried to send a video to someone and now it is all blank. No contacts nothing. wifi is on???

  30. thomas macmanus says:

    how do I add email addresses to my iPad email account- I cannot find a tab for that ? My provider is Verizon Wireless.

  31. William says:

    I have no way to delete trash. No trash can. How do I get it on screen

  32. ione mayer says:

    I can’t use my e-mail on my tablet

  33. Carol says:

    I can’t figure out how to select a group of emails to delete. It’s very cumbersome deleting one message at a time.

  34. barb beckman says:

    when I try to send an email from a document I have opened in safari, it will not send. I hit the rectangle with the up arrow and enter email address but it does not go.

  35. Debbie says:

    want to restore the attachment function to my email

  36. Jean racicot says:

    I am having trouble when sending e-mail after each word another appears and words run into each other…is this just something that can be fixed quickly..

  37. Lizzie says:

    Why can’t I open links provided I’m emails on my iPad?

  38. G. Allan says:

    I opened an e-mail attachment and now I cannot get back to my e-mail. When Inopen e-mail, the attachment comes up. I tapped “Done” but nothing happens. Help, please.

  39. Ron says:

    Stopped receiving emails today on my ipad. My wife’s is still working, but not mine ([email protected]). What can I do to fix?
    Thanks, Ron

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