iPad Charging Slow: How to Fix?

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// July 6, 2015
iPad Charging Slow How to Fix

Waiting for your iPad to finish its charging, but it’s taking ages to complete? Then it is time for you to think why it is happening and what you can do/avoid to get this fixed. As you already know, charging problem is not something new with iPad Aor and it’s not only you are facing it. However, let’s see what can be done to fix it.

First of all, charge your iPad with a genuine adapter that you can possibly borrow from your friends. If it charges as slowly as the old adapter, then you can rest assured it has nothing to do with your adapter. Possibly your charging ports need some fixing. Take your device to a Apple support center to further investigate the issue.

iPad Charging Slow How to Fix

With iOS 7, now you can no longer use any duplicate cable for charging your iPad. Whenever you try, the system will show an error saying the cable is not supported. Therefore, if you are already using something like that and facing charging problem, then stop using that cable and buy an original one which should be able to fix this. After all it worths the extra money you are paying.

Lately, Apple has launched a new adapter which is 12W adapter for your iPad. This adapter is basically designed to charge faster or at an optimum speed that you should be looking for. So, grab one of these if you don’t have it already.

If you always use USB charging rather using wall chargers, then you might face charging problem more often than you would have using the wall chargers. Generally, the amount of juice that is required to charge up the battery is passed at a lower speed through USB charging, whereas wall charging is much faster in that sense. So, even if you must use USB, make sure no other USB ports are busy while you are charging your iPad.

Charging Brick Cable

If you have an iPhone, you might be using the iPhone charging cable. With the iPhone 6 charging brick cable, it will charge a lot slower. So use back the charging cable that came with the iPad. Also most of the cable from eBay or Amazon are cheaply made from china, which can cause slow charging problem. So pick the best reviewed one, if you don’t want to pay the extra premium for a genuine Apple cable.

Turning Wi-Fi Off/On

If you keep your device ON while you charge, then make sure you do not download/upload or do any heavy tasks that run in the background. This is one of the reasons why you face the slow charging and it can be fixed just by simply avoid doing it.

iPad Charging Slow How to Fix

In addition, you can always put your iPad on airplane mood which turns of your network connectivity specifically Wi-Fi, which of course will charge your device much faster than keeping it on a normal mood.

Reseting iPad Air 2

Make a backup on your iPad Air on iTunes and proceed to do a system reset. This will delete all the datas, setting and caches from the iPad. With this you’ll be getting factory default setting(just like a new iPad).

Goto General -> Reset ->Erase All Content and Settings(Make backup first)

Updating to latest iOS 9.2

Updating iOS will sometimes improve the speed of the iPhone 6/iPad Air and charging speed. With update the iPad will fix minor bugs and enable better features.

Goto General -> Sofware Update(to see if any downloads is available)

Lastly, it is advisable that you keep your device switched off when you are charging it. Moreover, check with the voltage if it is ideal for charging your iPad or not. Consult or seek the help of an electrician if you don’t know how to test it.

7 thoughts on “iPad Charging Slow: How to Fix?

  1. Molly Humphreys😉 says:

    My iPads battery goes up 5% every half an hour how can I change this and what has happened
    I bought it from eBay a week ago and it didn’t say anything about slow charging help me

  2. Sonny says:

    When I close all my apps, The iPad seem to be able to charge Faster. Turning off services like GPS Location also help if you want more tips.I want my iPad to get it up to 100% but it just keep staying at 78%. I think I have to reset my iPad’s as New to fix my charging delay.

  3. Julia says:

    So, I went and bought an Amazon charger and it is way faster compare to the cheaper one from EBay. Guess made in china product is very bad.

  4. Samual says:

    I’ve had my iPad charge for a long time and it’s stuck at 75%. I’m need a way so that my iPad will go back to full charge at 100% by resetting the iPad. Hope this will fix my charging problem. It could be that when my original cord broke a buddy gave me a cheap one that mess up my iPad.

  5. kath rah says:

    actually i dont understand it was completly fine but win i downloeded an app ( EPISODE) my ipad changed completly so if you have any idea please help
    NOTE : i was opsesed with that game and i couldn’t i was playing with it even when the ipad is charging
    and now it doesnt show that it charges but it charges and it doesnt show that the batterie got down

    pleeeaaassseee heelllllppppp

  6. Jill says:

    Thanks, I will give it a go

  7. Jakob says:

    This dit it for me!
    My heavily used ipad air had begun to either not charge at all or do it so slow, that it actually still lost power if I used it while charging.
    I tried several different brands of cable and even more different chargers. Nothing helped, and I started looking for a replacement. Since it had been in action 5+ hours daily in 18 months, I figured it was “used up”. But as a last attempt I did a total reinstallation. Made my backup copy, and wiped the ipad clean.
    And voila! ! Now it works perfectly again. Charges as fast as the first day.
    I hope it can help some of you who has this problem.

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