IPad Can’t Connect to Gmail Server

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// December 9, 2013
Gmail can't connect to server error

Problem: iPad Can’t Connect to Gmail Server

This can be the absolutely worst problem to have, especially when you need to connect to your e-mail. Fortunately, this is a pretty resolvable problem, and often, it is user error that makes it happen.

Potential solutions:

    • Public WiFi. Often, this problem occurs when connected to a public wifi because you have not accepted the terms of use. Simply open up Safari (or your preferred browser) and a page should pop up asking you to ‘log in’ to the public wifi. This solution should work once you are logged in.
    • Home WiFi. Reset your router, and turn off and back on your iPad. This fixes most problems.
    • Reset Things. Turn on Airplane mode. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Turn off Airplane mode. Try to connect to the wifi again.


  • Mail Settings. Sometimes, your mail settings can become corrupt, inaccurate, or something else, and you should go into your mail settings to check whether your they are accurate.
  • Password Issues. You might have forgotten that you changed your password in Gmail, and now your iPad account is not up-to-date. Check your passwords and ensure they line-up correctly.
  • Compromised Account. This is obviously the worst case scenario, but your account might be compromised. If you try to log in to Gmail from a computer, and you are unable to, you might have had your settings changed by someone else. Contact Google to determine how to fix this.

There you have it. Any other solutions? Please comment below.


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  1. William Campbell says:

    I have no WiFi connection to my iPad. I have a WiFi connection with my PC. I tried to reset the router, and now the network won’t accept my password. How do I reset a password in the iPad Settings?

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