iPad Air Safari Crash Fix

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// May 24, 2015
iPad Air Safari Crash Fix

These days most of the websites have programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, HTML and other languages to make the functionality of the Web Pages. Among these languages, JavaScript often causes browsers to crash or cause other problems. In addition to that, iPad users may face this issue very frequently with the pre-installed Safari browser. Most of the time the websites which are heavily designed with the JavaScript causes Safari to quit unexpectedly. However, if you are not being able to fix Safari crashes, then you can take some of these steps to get rid of it.

iPad Air Safari Crash Fix

Safari Crash #1: Update iPad/iPhone Air Safari Browser

Check your iPad/iPad Air for any latest update released by Apple. If your device is running on iOS5 or later you can easily do it by going to the settings> General> Software Update> Tap to install (if available).


Safari Crash #2: Clearing History + Cookies

Clear the cookies and history from your Safari browser. This will delete all your stored passwords and recent visits to websites. For clearing cookies, go to settings and tap on Safari> tap on clear cookies and data. Do the same for clearing the history by going to that same place and tapping on the ‘Clear History’.


If your device is running on iOS5 or later then you should be able to clear Safari stored data. Just simply go to Settings>Safari>Advanced>Website Data>Remove All Website Data.

Safari Crash Fix #3:

The most obvious step would be turning on/off your device. Sometimes, temporary bugs might cause the Safari browser to perform poorly which might get fixed with a restart.

Safari Crash #4:

If you have enabled “Autofill” option in your Safari browser, then turn it off. If you don’t know how to do that, then go to Settings>Safari>Autofill>Clear All, make sure you turn off every other setting with Autofill.

Safari Crash #6 Fix:

Turn off iCloud Bookmark Syncing. You can do it by going to Settings>General>iCloud>Toggle Bookmark Syncing Off.

Safari Crash #7:



If you notice that your Safari browser, especially crashes when browsing a JavaScript site, then turn off JavaScript by going to Settings>Safari>JavaScript>Off.

Once it is off, JavaScript sites may not load or work properly on your Safari browser.


As a last resort, you can take a backup of your iPad/iPad Air and reset it back to factory settings. In order to do that, go to Settings>iCloud>Storage & Backup> Backup Now. Once the Backup is complete, go to

Settings>General>Reset>Erase all Content and Settings. You can get your files back from iCloud when you connect your device again to iCloud using your Apple ID. If the crash still continues on the iPad or iPhone it might be time to try an alternative safari  broswer. Also watchout for fake safari popup scam messages.

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