iOS 9.0 update failed error message: How To Fix It

// March 19, 2016

Apple has the iOS 9.3 firmware lately. Some people rushed to download the latest version which is iOS 9 to their devices. Apple wants and make sure that all users can experience their major software update. They extend this to as many devices as possible. They want the users to experience the best from their iOS devices, however there are some update errors.

As people grabbed the new operating system, some users experienced problem in getting the software. An error message appears “Software Update Failed” when trying to update devices to iOS 9.3. This message appears after the user read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Software iOS 9.0 update failed

Software iOS 9.0 update failed

How to Fix Update Failed Error Message

According to the reports, this problem has occurred to iOS users around the world. The logical guess is that the installation andupdate-ios-9-fail authentication servers of Apple are not capable to take so many download requests all at the same time. Although this problem happens rarely, there is a possibility of this error to induce bigger problem. Although there is no specific reason of this update failure, Apple is doing its best to get rid of this issue.


One of the solutions below should be able to solve your problem in updating your devices to the latest version.

Solution 1: Download iOS 9 later.

Because of the overloading number of users trying to get the latest version of iOS, the servers of Apple might experience problems in getting iOS 9. Just be patient and install the update after few hours. Install iOS 9 later when the load over Apple servers decrease a bit. If it does not work, just wait for few hours and try updating your device again until it starts installing.

Solution 2: Update Manually by connecting to the PC or Mac.

Just simply connect your device to iTunes through your PC or Mac and update your device manually. This fix seem to be working for most users.  After getting latest iOS 9.3 you can enough new features like Night shit mode, low power mode.

Solution 3: Reset Network Settings.

There could be problems with your connectivity. If not, you still may want to try this solution out.reset-iphone-6-ios-8-1

Reset your network settings on your iOS device. Go to Settings App, choose General then scroll to Reset

Choose Reset Network Settings. No other data will be deleted by doing this. It will only reset data regarding your internet connection such as Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi passwords and cellular data.

Solution 4: Reboot. Reboot your iOS device and WiFi router. Make sure that your internet connection is working and have enough space on your storage on iPhone 6(by deleting photos and useless apps).


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