iOS 9 updating Download – Stuck At Slide To Upgrade Bug

// March 27, 2016
update slide to upgrade fail

If you want to update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version iOS 9.3, you go to Software Update and request to download and install the latest version. It will updates on its own and you can just leave your device during downloading process and installation. You will see Verifying Update and Slide to Upgrade, but as you slide your finger on the screen, nothing happens and it seems to be frozen and stuck on “Slide to upgrade”.

update slide to upgrade fail

What are the solutions to fix Sliding to update bug?

There are many iOs users who got stuck on Slide to Upgrade after updating their devices to iOS 9. These are solutions to fixing this issue.

First solution: Hard Resetting on the iPhone.

The first solution is to continuously press the power button to lock your device until you get a blank screen, then the installation of your iOS 9 will start. This can get rid of the frozen screen by resetting hard your device up to five times, but there are also better solutions than this.

Second solution: Downgrade from iOS 9 to iOS 8.

Apple now allows its users to downgrade their device especially when they are experiencing a lot of bugs or when they are stuck on Slide to Upgrade problem, although this solution is time consuming and you may lose all your photos and data if you have not backed up your device.

Third solution: Updating your Device to iOS 9.0.1 or later.  iOS 9.0.1 is an improvement of iOS 9, which can fix this problem without erasing your data by simply connecting your device to laptop or computer. Just follow this instructions on how to install it.

1. Simply connect your iOS device to your Mac or PC and launch iTunes. Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes player. For windows 7, 8, and 10, and Macs, you need to get iTunes 12.3. For older versions of windows (Vista and XP), you need to update to iTunes 12.1.3.

2. If your device is already connected to your Mac or PC, unplug it and reconnect your device via USB cable. Your device will be recognized by iTunes and will ask you to enter your passcode if you have it. Enter your passcode on your device then click Try Again on iTunes.

slide to upgrade

3. iTunes will check for the latest update of the software if it doesn’t have an iTunes error. A message will appear which says that the latest version iOS 9.0.1 is available. Click Download and Update.

4. Read and agree with the terms and conditions for downloading iOS 9.0.1. ITunes will then start downloading.

5. After downloading, installation will start immediately on your device.

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