IOS 8.1 Frozen During Download – Fix it Fast!

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// January 20, 2015

It is frustrating enough to experience a frozen download of a podcast, video or music file. It is even more troublesome when experiencing an iOS 8.1 download frozen with a system update. Users are understandably excited to apply an update. Sometimes, they are waiting for a bug fix. Often, a user wants to perform a particular task that is rumored to be available for the device with a new update. No matter the reason for anticipating the update, experiencing an iOS 8.1 download freezing/stuck/etc is something users might want to be prepared to correct.

iTunes Update Method
One of the recent errors with downloading is when users attempt to update through iTunes. The error received indicates that iTunes could not connect to the device. It further indicates that the session ID is missing. With this message, the issue is frequently that of a bottleneck on the Apple servers providing the download. When this occurs and a user finds an iOS 8.1 download freezing/stuck/etc, the only recourse is to wait for traffic on the servers to ease.


Over-the-Air Update
Another glitch that can result in an iOS 8.1 download frozen is with an update via the over-the-air method. In this case, a malfunctioning download of the software update might occur if the device is unable to reach the update servers. If the device has a poor Internet connection, correcting that is necessary before proceeding. An error might occur if the device has too little storage space when the update is attempted. Other times, the download might simply be delayed and not actually frozen. Giving it time will sometimes result in the download and subsequent update finishing later. If the process does not resume, a restart of the device might be necessary. Users can also try updating via a connection to iTunes on a computer, forgoing the over-the-air update.

Media Files
One of the common problems that can result in seeing an iOS 8.1 download freezing/stuck/etc is with media files. While annoying, this type of incident with a frozen download is usually a less problematic error than one occurring with a system update. If a podcast download freezes, the user should wait and try later. Podcasts can occasionally lag in their download when the host server is unavailable. Some users might need to retry a music or video download if an error prevents successful transfer the first time. Users might also try deleting a frozen download. This can allow the user to restart the download.

Savvy Update Schedule
Taking care with the timing of new updates to iOS 8.1 can help a user to be prepared for functionality issues, and the glitches can occasionally be avoided. Waiting for the initial rush of people to update can be of benefit to users. First, they will avoid sluggishness and outages of the servers delivering the software to huge crowds of people at once. Second, they will have a short while to learn of any alarming problems with seeing an iOS 8.1 download freezing/stuck/etc when attempting to update a device. Users do not need to wait very long, but a small delay can provide sufficient advanced warning of having an iOS 8.1 download frozen.

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