Install XBMC on an iPad

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// January 13, 2013

XBMC can be installed on jailbroken iPads with just a few steps. This combines the great features that XMBC media player offers with the mobility of the iPad. The media content can be viewed on the tablet, mirrored wirelessly to a second or third generation Apple TV or viewed on an HDTV if you have an HDMI adapter for your iPad.

How to Install XBMC an iPad

Step 1. Open Cydia and go to Sources-> Edit-> Add and enter the following source:


Step 2. After the Cydia checks the source list and the XBMC package has been added, tap on teamXBMC in your list of Sources. Then, tap on XBMC-iOS.


Step 3. Tap Install at the top right corner of the page (the image below shows Modify because it’s already installed).


XBMC should now be installed on your iPad. Now, you can easily install Music, Video, Picture and Program Add Ons. For example, you can go to Music and tap Get More and to see a list of available Add Ons.


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