I Want To Connect My iPad To Panasonic Smart TV: How?

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// February 27, 2017
Panasonic Smart TV Remote 2 connects your Smart TV and the iPad

Apple heavily promotes Apple TV and has planted Bluetooth connectivity into iOS 7 for those who use Apple TV. What you may not know, however, is that Apple allows you to connect your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to Smart TVs by other manufacturers like Sony, Lg, Panasonic, Samsung, Vizio and Sharp TV if they have an app. If the manufacturers doesn’t have an app on the appstore, you can try TV Assist – Play photos, videos and music to TV – e2eSoft.
iPad app for Panasonic Smart TV


If you own a Panasonic Smart TV and want to use your iPad as a remote controller, then you’ve come to the right place. First, you want to download the Panasonic remote control app onto your iPad. To do this, click on the App Store icon on your iPad desktop, then type in “Viera” or “Panasonic Viera” to see the app appear in the selection choices. Select “Panasonic viera” from the top of the list.

Once you do, you will be given three selections to choose from: a Panasonic media player, video browser, and TV Remote 2 app. Select the TV remote 2 app, then “install” to get it on your iPad. Once you do, you can open it.


Panasonic Smart TV Remote 2 connects your Smart TV and the iPad


Panasonic TV Remote 2 app on your iPad desktop


Now that you’ve got the Panasonic TV remote app installed, you can open the app and start the initial process to sync your Panasonic Smart TV with your iPad. The first thing you will notice is that you are provided with a number of things your Panasonic TV remote can do. When you click through the screens, press “done.”


Panasonic Smart TV Remote 2 app tests your wireless connection


The next thing you must do is perform a test mode, where your smart TV and iPad must be connected to the same wireless router in order to connect your iPad to your Panasonic Smart TV. After your Panasonic Smart TV and iPad are visible on the same router and the Smart TV Remote 2 app finds them, it will then pair both devices together.


iPad controls in Panasonic Remote TV 2 app


At this point, your Smart TV remote app will appear with all of your controls to the left side of the screen. You may want to press “remote control” under the “TV Control” section in order to use your iPad with regular TV actions.

iPad TV Remote 2 app swipe and share revised


If you want to share your photos, videos, and music, select “Swipe and Share” from the left control menu. The first time you do so, Panasonic will provide you with a “swipe and share” video that you can play – a small tutorial to show you how it’s done. Once your Panasonic Smart TV and iPad connect via your wireless router, swiping to share photos, videos, and music is effortless. If you ever get stuck, or forget how to perform this action, select the circled “i” at the top right of the screen, near the square.


How to swipe iPad photos and videos to your smart tv


One last piece of advice: if you ever need to reconfigure your setup and reconnect your Panasonic Smart TV (for any reason), select “device selection” on the far left of your screen under “settings.” It will help you find your way back to familiar territory. Setting up iPad with Airplay Help can be found here. If Mirroring or the Apps doesn’t work, you might want to try a AV Adaptor.

Do you need help pairing your TV with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? Please write in and let us know if you need help on iOS 9.0/iOS 10.0. We’re your iPad Help go-to source.


18 thoughts on “I Want To Connect My iPad To Panasonic Smart TV: How?

  1. LilBob says:

    Great compilation! I’d add ArkMS app for Mac, which allows streaming all kinds of media from your Mac to different devices (TV, Xbox, iPhone, etc). I have been using it and it works great, without any bugs, plus very user-friendly. The biggest feature is that I don’t need to use all these expensive adapters and cables.

  2. Momo says:

    Thanks for info! Personally, I recommend using ArkMC if you don’t wanna buy expensive adapters or cables. I’m delighted with this app, it’s user-friendly and works perfectly without any bugs.

  3. Dan says:

    Be grateful and delighted if someone could help with this one:)… downloaded and installed Panasonic Remote 2 app to Ipad 2, then…
    opened app
    selected TV (DX600U)
    selected swipe and share from menu
    video, music and picture options appeared
    selected “video” option…

    and bingo, yellow exclamation mark “error” message!

    Stuck. Any thoughts anybody?

    Heaps of thanks, Dan

  4. Himanshu Chopra says:

    Hi there, I am struggling to connect my MacBook Air with my Panasonic Viera TV. I basically want to screen share my Kodi streaming onto the Panasonis TV. Please if you could advise. Would appreciate it highly. Many thanks in advance.

  5. Tomik says:

    Interesting, will try this app. So far I’m using ArkMS on my Mac, and streaming to HD TV video, musics, photos. It streams through UPNP.

    1. Tomik says:

      I mean ArkMC on iPad. ArkMS on Mac works as well ))

  6. Bernie says:

    I was able to sync my samsung smart tv easily. Thanks for the guide that made it easy.

  7. DMH says:

    I have synced my iPhone with my Panasonic viera tv and the remote control on the app works perfectly, but I can’t seem to mirror the images from my phone onto the tv, however I can mirror whatever is playing on the tv to play on my iPhone, can anyone help??

  8. peter says:

    Its not only swipe up as in the video. You got to press and hold, then swipe up

  9. vvb says:

    Problem: Iphone 5, when I use swipe and share on panasonic remote app to watch video on my 55 ‘ panasonic tv, recorded video is slowing and stoping… since last month, for almost year I have no problems..
    so, if someone solve problem like this please help me…

  10. the guy says:

    On all Android (Sony) Smart tvs you can use an app called air buddy. This allows you to you apple airplay. Very simple to use. Android tv is definitely the way forward.

  11. Val Kramer says:

    Anyone know how to set up an IPad so that I can listen to the Viera audio on headphones connected to the Ipad?

  12. Chris says:

    Is there an app for Vizio smart tv’s to pair with iPad Air

  13. Den says:

    Try to download an ArkMC application and you will be able to use like a remote controller between your TV and an iPad, also you will be able to collect the files from the servers and stream them on a TV directly without conversion. Just both devices have to be in the same network and UPnP/DLNA/Allshare compatible.

  14. Billy says:

    I wanted to connect my Sony Bravia with my iPad, but too bad they don’t have an app. I guess i’ll need to ipad Mirror with Apple TV to watch my Favorited TV show on Netflix.

  15. Michael Fallai says:

    i have gotten swipe and share to work exactly once. I swipe upward and hold my finger down like the instructions say… nothing happens. I try swiping like shown in the video, that has never worked. This should not be that difficult to do.

  16. Emily says:

    We own a panasonic viera TV, and recently moved house, loosing our TV’s remote in the process.

    We have this app on our iPhones, but need to connect to wifi to use it. However, it seems as if we can’t connect to it without a remote to hit ‘ok’ – we’ve got as far as typing in the internet password, but there is no way to show that we are done – seems like a major flaw, and so surely we are missing something? Is there an app for a remote that works over bluetooth, not wifi?


  17. Isabelle says:

    I would like to know if it’s possible to sync my Iphone to my smart panasonic tv so i can listen to my phone’s music library through the TV?

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