How to use the Emoji keyboard on iPad & iPhone

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// October 13, 2011

There are so many new iOS 5 features here is one you might not have tried yet. The Emoji keyboard is easy to use but you need to enable it first.

To enable Emoji; Go to Settings-> General-> Keyboard-> International Keyboards-> Add New Keyboard-> Emoji.

Once you have enabled Emoji, you will see a new globe key on the bottom left of the keyboard. Simply tap the key to go switch to Emoji and tap it agin to go back to the last used keyboard. You can enable multiple keyboards on the iPad. To access other enabled keyboards, tap and hold the globe key to show all of your keyboards, then select the keyboard.

emoji iPad keyboard

Where to Use Emoji

Emoji icons can be used just about anywhere you type on the iPad. You can send them in emails and text messages or in Notes, Reminders, Calendars or anywhere you can type. Emoji icons will even show up if you rename your folders.

emoji app icons

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  1. susan says:

    i have received an attached keyboard for my ipad and cannot figure out how to use the emoji symbol now on the lower right side of the keyboard. help!

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