How To Use iPad’s iOS 4.2 Features and Other Tips

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// December 2, 2010

Here are some tips aimed to help iPad users with their device’s. Most of them are associated with the iOS 4.2 upgrade and a couple were available before the software update.

    1. Folders

      To create a folder: touch and hold an icon until all the icons begin to jiggle, then drag the icon onto another icon.

      The iPad creates a new folder that includes the two icons, and automatically creates the folder’s name based on the first apps category. You can tap the name field to enter a different name.

      To remove the folder, drag the apps out of the folder and the folder is automatically deleted.

    2. Multitasking

      Multitasking allows certain apps to run in the background, so you can quickly switch
      between the apps you’re using.

      To see which apps are running in the background, double tap the home button. Flick left to see more apps, tap a icon to open the app or hold your finger on the app until they jiggle, then tap the minus sign to stop the app from running in the background.

      Touch anywhere above the multitasking bar and the multitasking bar will disappear.

    3. Lock the Screen Orientation

      The physical switch on the iPad above the volume control has changed from a screen orientation switch to a mute switch.

      Now, to lock the screen orientation, double-click the home button, then flick the bottom of the screen from left to right.

      The screen orientation lock, brightness slider, and iPod controls will appear. You can also change the screen brightness and control your iPod from this screen.

    4. AirPrint

      AirPrint lets you print email messages and viewable attachments, photos, webpages, and PDF files.

      The only problem is Apple is only supporting a few printers but there is a way to enable any printer on a Mac or on Windows.

    5. AirPlay

      AirPlay allows you to stream photos, music and videos from a iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch (with iOS 4.2) to the new Apple TV.

      The new Apple TV received a 4.2.1 software update at the same as the iPad. If you haven’t updated your software for Apple TV, do so by going to Settings, then General and click Update Software.

      AirPlay for photos. It is the same icon with music and videos.

      Make sure your iPad is on the same wireless network as the Apple TV, then find photos, music or videos with the AirPlay icon. Tap the icon and choose the Apple TV from the list. The content should start streaming within 10 to 30 seconds.

      Jailbreaker’s can stream any video from their iPad to Apple TV with this tweak.


  • On This Page

    While viewing a web page in Safari, type the text in the Google search bar. Then tap the text under “On This Page”. The text will be highlighted and a bar at the bottom will appear.



  • Find My iPad

    This is now a free feature for the iPad with iOS 4.2 and for the iPhone 4.

    To get this free feature, add the Find My iPhone app to your device.

    Then, on your iPad or iPhone 4, set up a MobileMe Free account:
    In Settings, tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.” Tap Add Account, then tap MobileMe. Enter your Apple ID and password, or tap Create Free Apple ID. Follow the onscreen instructions. Verify your email address if required. Confirm that Find My iPad is turned on in the MobileMe settings.

  • Force Quit an App

    To force quit an app:
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on top of iPad for a few seconds until a red slider appears, then press and hold the Home button until the app quits.

  • How to Take a Screenshot on the iPad

    Hold the Sleep/Wake button and press home button or vise versa. You will see the screen flash and if your volume is up, you will hear a camera sound. The image will be saved in your photos.

  • Return to the Home screen

    With all the apps available, you may find yourself with several screens of apps. Instead of swiping back several pages to get back to the home screen, just tap the home button to instantly go back to the home screen.

  • Scroll Within a Frame on a Webpage

    The iPad doesn’t normally display a scroll bar on the side or top of a webpage and normally you don’t need one.

    Unless, items are displayed within a Frame. That’s when you will use two fingers to scroll within a frame on a webpage and use one finger to scroll the entire webpage.

    Here is an example to try on your iPad.


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