How to Use iPad Airplay mirroring on Apple TV

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// April 26, 2015

Apple has a great number of products that many of us are familiar with, namely it’s mobile phone and tablet devices like the iPhone and iPad. Syncing the iPad Air with Apple TV allow feature like Airplay which can mirror TV Shows directly to the Smart TV from Netflix. For example, using Apple TV and a service known as Airplay, you can stream images and video directly from your iPad Air to your TV completely wireless without messy cable.


Apple TV

Apple TV allows you access to a number of different services such as TV programming, sport and music. Plugging it into to a Smart (Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic) television allows you access to all of these features, in 1080p HD just for good measure. It could be streaming Netflix, Youtube, on the larger TV screen for better enjoyment on all your favorite films and TV show.


Airplay allows you to watch anything from you iOS devices, iPhone 6, iPad air or iPod touch, through your TV set using Apple TV.

How to use Airplay Mirroring on your iPad Air

This will allow you to wireless stream your iPad through your TV, meaning you can do everything you normally would on your iPad Air but with comfort of using a much larger screen through your television set. This can be great for streaming Netflix, directly to the TV.

1) To begin with you will want to check the settings, just to make sure that everything is set up correctly before starting.  Check to ensure your iPad has the latest software update (iOS8.3 in this case), and then do the same for you Apple TV device. Make sure every device is connecting to the WiFi.

ipad airplay mirrioring

Once everything is connected, check your iPad’s control centre, and Airplay should appear as an option. If not try resetting your devices, and make sure that Airplay is turned on in the settings section of your Apple TV.

Once the Apple TV section appears at the control centre of the Airplay section, simply select it, and you will mirror your device, in this case your iPad. Your iPad should now be displayed through your TV screen, meaning you can now do anything you want on your iPad with the enjoyment of a larger screen. This is great for a number of different features, such as music, film, and more so gaming, as it gives an almost console like feel for any iPad gamers.

Note that this is the only way that you can stream your iPad or iPhone completely wireless through your TV set. Anyone who doesn’t have Apple TV cannot access Airplay, so you’ll be forced to use a HDMI adaptor, which can limit the distance you can get from your TV set.

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