How To Sync Your iPhone and iPad Using iTunes

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Q: I recently got an iPad Air and I don’t know how to sync it with my other devices. Can anybody help?

A: You cannot sync your iPhone and iPad with other devices. You can sync your smartphone with say, your laptop or desktop, but you cannot sync your iPhone and iPad specifically with other devices such as non-iOS smartphones and tablets.

At the same time, you cannot sync your iPhone and iPad to each other. You can sync your iPhone and iPad with iTunes, however. To do this, you need only enable Wi-Fi syncing on your iPhone and iPad, then connect it to your computer via USB cable.

To sync your iPhone and iPad with iTunes over Wi-Fi, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Go to settings on your iPhone and iPad.

To sync your iPhone and iPad, go to your desktop

Step 2: Visit the General tab, then scroll down to “iTunes Wi-Fi Sync.”

To sync your iPhone and iPad, first go into settings, where you will find iTunes Wi-Fi sync


Step 3: You will arrive at a page where you are told to connect your iPhone or iPad to iTunes. Follow the instructions.

To sync your iPhone and iPad, go to iTunes Wi-Fi sync in your general settings tab

Step 4: Next, plug your iPhone or iPad into a laptop or PC via USB cable, and select the iTunes icon on your desktop.

Step 5: Once you’re in iTunes, select the “iPhone” or “iPad” designation on the top right. You will arrive at a page of choices. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and, under the options menu, select “sync with this iPad/iPhone over Wi-Fi.” Make sure you check the box, then click “apply” at the bottom right of the page.

Sync your iPhone and iPad in iTunes

Scroll down iTunes page to Options menu, then select Sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi


Check the sync with this iPad over WiFi box, then select apply at the bottom right

Step 6: At this point, iTunes will backup your content, then copy your diagnostics information, transfer your purchases, and copy them in iTunes. Leave your iPad connected via USB cable and wait until the transfer is over. I repeat: do not disconnect your iPad until step 5 of 5 has been completed at iTunes.

once you select sync, the iTunes Wi-Fi sync backup process will begin

step 1 to sync your iPhone and iPad - diagnostic information is copied

step 2 to sync your iPhone and iPad - transferring of your iPhone:iPad purchases

when you sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, you will notice that your purchases must be copied to iTunes

If you want to manually backup your content only on iTunes, feel free to do so. Just know, however, that your content will backup over Wi-Fi on iTunes if you select the box. Just deselect it if you decide later you do not want your content to backup automatically.

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