How To Share Files On Your iPad Using Box

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// February 4, 2014
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Q: How can I share files on my iPad using Box?

A: Have you taken advantage of Box’s free 50GB of cloud storage offer for the iPhone and iPad? If you have, it’s likely that you want to make use of your new storage but may struggle with traversing the app and learning how to use its functions.


Share Files on Your iPad by selecting the Box app from your app list


Box’s cloud storage app is excellent for document and photo storage, but there are some functions within the app that make using it inconvenient and frustrating. One of these concerns file sharing. The universal file sharing symbol (or document sharing symbol) is Ÿ<, similar to a triangle, but this symbol can be found in two places in the Box app: one at the top in a blue strip, and the other in a manual swipe from right to left.

I’ve tried using the file sharing function in the blue strip, but it only works for folders; that is, it will allow you to send documents provided they are placed in a folder (and the folder is labeled). When it comes to files, however, I could only use the blue share symbol for photos and screenshots, but it denied sending my Super Bowl document (titled “Why I Think the Super Bowl is Worth Watching”).


Box lets you share screenshots and photos


In my experience then, it seems as if the Box app is mostly set up for photos and folders; even within the Box misfunction, you can still send documents. To send a document via the Box app, perform the following steps:


Use OfficeSuite to save a document, then upload it to Box to share documents


Box app recommends a word processor such as OfficeSuite to type and save documents before uploading them to Box


From the OfficeSuite Pro app, request to open your document in another app


From within OfficeSuite, request to open the document in the Box app


Step #1: First, you must send the document of your choice to the Box app. To save a document that you can later send to Box, you must choose from any given number of Word processor apps available on iOS. Box recommends OfficeSuite Pro’s Word app to type and save your documents. Right now, OfficeSuite is offering the Pro app for just 99 cents with free updates as long as you own the app. From the OfficeSuite Pro app, I chose the “open in” option to open the document in Box. The Box app then allowed me to upload the document to Box.


Saving your documents to Box is required before you can share files in Box


Next, select Box as the app you want to open your document in


When you select open in Box, you will see the upload page appear


When you press upload, the uploading process begins


Step #2: Once you’ve uploaded your document to the Box app, you have a few options. Swipe from right to left to peel back the document title and find your list of options: share, enable offline access, rename, and delete (or trash). Select “share,” then choose from three new choices that will appear on the screen: “send link via email,” “send link via messages,” and “copy link to clipboard.” A warning is sufficient: if you send a link via messages, make sure that your iMessage is activated before you attempt to do so.


The first time you swipe from the right to the left on a document in Box, these function identifiers will appear


Sharing your Box file is as simple as deciding whether you want a link or an email


Do you have any other questions about how to use the Box cloud storage app on your iPad? We’re always glad to help.

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