How to Set Up Parental Controls on iPad/iPhone/Itunes

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// November 30, 2015

iPads are a fantastic tool for children. Younger aged kids can access a great number of amazing apps and website that can help develop skills from a very young age. Children in school also have an amazing tool at their hands with a tablet – it can help teach a great number of subjects in fun and interesting ways. It is a far cry from the materials many from older generations had, and will undoubtedly make life much easier for any youngster growing up.

Being exposed to technology from a young age also helps to develop an understanding an appreciation for technology from a young age, this will help them in becoming more tech savvy. Whilst the future benefits of this are great to think of (imagine what they will invent by the time they are old enough!) it also can cause potential problems for curious children who limitless access to the content of the internet.

As we all know there is a lot of content online that is in no way suitable for children, and could have a quite a deterring effect on them should they have access to it. It is a parent worst nightmare, and luckily Apple has fully recognised this potential problem, having a robust parental control system readily available to make sure your children are not exposed to anything inappropriate. Parents can set up various levels of security that can help them to monitor exactly what your child has access to.

As apps and mobile technology as expanded massively in recent years, it is easy to be overwhelmed at first when you find the parental control section. Depending on what you have downloaded and purchased on your iPad there can be a vast amount of content that needs to be checked for age restriction, but it is a lot easier once you have an idea of what to do.

Restricting Apps & Content on iTunes/iPhone 6


Begin by selecting the settings app in your menu, then select general then restrictions. Chose enable restriction, then you will be prompted to provide a new pass code to enable access to the restricted apps. Make sure you passcode is different from the one to unlock your iPad, and isn’t easily guessed.

Then simply select which apps you wish to have restrictions on them, sliding them from green to white. This should stop them from appearing on the home page, only allowing them to be reactivated from the settings menu with the pass code you have created.

You can also prevent apps from begin installed, which is incredibly useful when you consider how easy it can be for a child to unknowingly purchase an app. If your bank details are already synched to you iPad Air 2 you could have your child inadvertently make purchases that could end up costing a fair amount, the same goes for in-app purchases, which can also be restricted.

You can further explore each section, such as filtering which particular websites can be accessed from the web browser to setting up rating systems for movies, songs and images that are on the iPad Air. This means you can have full control over which content is suitable for children, and can rest easy knowing they can safely and securely use an iPad at your leisure knowing that your kids won’t overspend on your credit cards.

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