How to send emails to groups on the iPad

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// May 28, 2011

You can easily send emails to multiple address on your iPad but the mail app only allows for adding one email address at a time. This can be time consuming if you send emails to large groups or routinely send emails to the same group of people.

There’s several ways you can accomplish this. One way, would be send yourself an email to your iPad with your contacts that you want create a group with, next copy the email addresses from the email. Open the Contacts app and create a new contact on your iPad, paste all of the email addresses and name the contact to something that fits the group (family, friends, work, etc.). Now, when you send an email on your iPad you will see the name of the newly created group.

If that sounds harder than it should be then keep reading because there’s a simpler way.

MailShot- Group Email Done Right!

MailShot does almost exactly what I already described except it makes it’s easier and adds more features.

The app allows you to create a group from the contacts on your iPad or iPhone, then you can select the group within almost any app, as you would a regular address book contact.

MailShot is not designed to create emails but it makes an easy job creating groups for your emails. The app also allows you to go back and add or remove contacts from the group.

Get MailShot for free at the App Store.

MailShot is free but the free version only allows you to create 3 groups, with up to 5 people in each group. A $0.99 in-app upgrade unlocks the ability to create up to 50 different groups, each of which can contain over 50 people (maximum depends on your ISP).

Mail Many App for iPad

The Mail Many app makes emailing to a large group of people fast and easy. It shows you a list your contacts, you tap on the ones you want to select or you can select all. You can then create and send emails directly from the Mail Many app.

Mail Many also allows users to set up predefined groups that can be edited, however that requires an in app purchase of $0.99.

Get Mail Many for free at the App Store.

I feel like sending emails to groups should be something that Apple makes easier but until then I have found using an app is the easiest solution.

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