How To Save Your iPhone’s Battery Life With Low Power Mode

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// April 17, 2016

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How To Save Your iPhone’s Battery Life With Low Power Mode

Apple has recently introduced its new feature in iOS 9 which is the Low Power Mode. This enables you to reduce the battery usage by disabling some high features on your device. When your device hits on 20 percent of battery, the Lower Power Mode automatically prompts. This may also be disabled by going to Settings app on your device, then go to Battery.

The Lower Power Mode is one of the favorite features of many users. This gives additional hours of taking pictures, chatting, calls, and more. Lower Power Mode has many disabled features which you can manually turn on in order to experience all of its benefits.

Background App Refresh

The feature background app refresh lets your apps get information, notification and other data even if those apps are not visible on your screen. When using Low Power Mode, Background app refresh feature will automatically turn off the notifications and data collection of all apps in the background to prevent extra battery usage.

Go to Settings app, and then go General. From there, tap on Background App Refresh. Simply toggle off the Background App Refresh and disable those apps that are using background tasks such as Facebook.

Automatic Downloads

The feature Automatic Downloads lets your device get all apps, audiobooks, music, and books that you have downloaded on your another iOS device. You may customize it on your own. Activating the Low Power Mode feature will shut down the automatic downloads feature.

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If you want to customize this feature, go to Settings app, then scroll to iTunes & App Stores. From there, just turn off Automatic Downloads for all the apps that you do not want to waste battery life on. You can also toggle off automatic downloads while using mobile date.

Mail Fetch

The Low Power Mode feature disables the alerts and messages of your mail. The messages will appear once you open the app or at predetermined points. If you do not mind checking your messages only when you open the app, you may turn off the Push process that sends you messages and alerts.

Go to Settings app, and then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. From there, go to Fetch New Data. Simply toggle off “Push” and then scroll down and select Manually if you just want to see the emails whenever you open the app.

Visual Effects

The high quality graphics of your device also consumes the battery usage. Using Low Power Mode turns off the dynamic options of your wallpaper as well as the perspective zoom. Go to Settings, tap on Wallpaper, and choose “Still” if you want to reduce the animations to help your battery out.


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