How to save emails on a iPad, iPhone or iPod touch

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// March 13, 2012

If you have a POP mail account you may find email somewhat frustrating on the iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. That is because folders are not supported with POP accounts. Since there’s not a place to store your emails in, it’s difficult to save emails. That’s why I recommend IMAP email accounts, especially for mobile devices.

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It’s an Internet standard language used to receive email. Unlike the most common Internet standard for receiving mail, Post Office Protocol (POP), IMAP is designed to leave a copy of email messages on the server. This allows email messages to be viewed and managed on multiple devices (i.e. laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad, etc).

If you have an IMAP email account you can create folders on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and save emails to that folder. My top choices for email on mobile devices is Apple’s iCloud and Gmail but there are many other email services that support IMAP.

If you are using a POP email service you can check and see if they also support IMAP. If they don’t you can forward your POP account to a email service that does support IMAP, like iCloud or Gmail.

Once you have your IMAP mail account setup on your iPad it’s easy to create folders and save emails.

How to create a folder

  1. Open the Mail app and tap on the account.
  2. Tap Edit on the top of the screen.
  3. Tap New Mailbox at the bottom of the screen (as in the photo on the right.)
  4. Name your Folder (Saved Email, Work, etc.) and tap Save.

After you have a folder you can move emails into it easily by tapping the folder icon at the top of the toolbar. Then you simply tap on the folder you named to move the email.

Having an IMAP email account is going to improve email on your mobile devices but if you are dead set against setting it up there is an alternative way you can save emails with a POP account. This method will save emails into your Drafts folder.

How to save emails with a POP email account

  1. You will need to start to forward the message by tapping the arrow icon (you’re not going to send it.)
  2. Tap in the message box and type one character. You can then delete the character if you like.
  3. Tap Cancel.
  4. Tap Save Draft.

You should now find the message in your drafts folder.

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  1. Jim babcock says:

    This does not work in iOS 8.4.1!! I have Gmail (IMAP version) on my iPad with this OS. Using Settings, then to Mail, Calendars…etc…tapping on Gmail does NOT Bring up the window you indicate above… However, on my iMac OS10.8.5 it does?..
    Are you mixed up a little?

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