How To Repair An IPad Screen

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// August 8, 2014
repair ipad screen

Apple, unfortunately, does not give a warranty to cover accidental damages such as an iPad crack. The crack might not prevent the iPad from functioning but it may make it insecure and difficult to use. Therefore, you may need to purchase a replacement screen for the broken one of your iPad. Similarly, it is essential to get the right tools if you want to make the iPad screen repair successful.

ipad screen repair
Get the right idea about what to replace or repair. First, identify the parts that need to be replaced or reused. Knowing which parts should be bought is essential since you only get to buy the necessary parts. This allows you to save money. Purchase the same screen as your previous one since they differ with model.

Obtain the correct tools. Once you buy the parts, you need to purchase a few extra tools. These include a small screwdriver, roll of electronic tape, plastic and metallic prying tools. Additional tools may include T4-Torx screwdriver and iPad clips replacement set.

Back up your data. This is essential in case something goes wrong during the installation. Make sure you use iTunes or iClouds to backup your information. Take away the protective plastic from the digitizer’s screen. Lay the screen close to your cracked iPad and put your iPad on a leveled surface such as a soft cloth or rubber mat. Use a heat gun or a hair drier to heat the edges of the panel.

This makes the adhesive that holds the glass panel to the metal case, less tight. Heat a small section until you can easily put in a thin metal prying tool between the case and panel. Take precaution at this stage to avoid damaging the ribbon connectors or any internal parts.

Turn around the tool counterclockwise to let go of the tabs close to the edge of the display. Put in an additional flat-head tool between the rear panel and the top-left edge. This prevents the front part from returning to its initial position.

Move one of the tools along your iPad’s right edge until you release all the tabs. Raise the forward panel away from the back one though you should not remove it. This is since the ribbon cables beneath are still joined to the rear panel.

Unplug the cables that are joined to the logic board. In addition, unplug the display data cables, ambient-light sensor and the digitizer. Use an iPad prying instrument to flip the retaining flaps up for the digitizer. Pull out the cables gently from the sockets. Apply the instrument once more to take out the ambient light sensor. Separate the logic board from the display data cable. Take away the black plastic tab to unplug the cable from its socket.

Raise the iPad’s front panel from the back panel. Force out the ambient light sensor board from the adhesive as you hold it to the display frame. Afterwards, peel back the tape that holds the digitizer to the frame.

Take out the three T4-Torx screws that secure the LCD brackets and display clips into position. Loosen the screws using a small Phillips screwdriver. Peel from the frame the tape and display clips. Remove from the frame the remaining Torx screws.

Extract the LCD panel positioned in the frame. Use a flat-head prying gadget to take out the LCD from the adhesive, which secures it to the front section. Alternatively, leave it installed. This will prevent it from breaking or getting bent due to too much pressure applied as you are trying to remove it.

Take out the EMI tape located close to the upper edge of the front piece. Move it to the new iPad panel and unscrew from the home-button switch two Torx screws. Soften the adhesive that holds the plastic frame to the panel with a heat gun and remove it.

Afterwards, heat and take out the front assembly from the plastic frame positioned close to the digitizer cable. Install your new iPad glass assembly and test its functionality. Carefully inspect the panel inside for dust. Wipe off the dust using puff of air or a microfiber cloth and reassemble your iPad.

In general, performing an iPad screen repair is quite challenging. However, it can breathe in new life to a broken iPad when replaced skillfully.

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