How to manage multiple iPads with one computer

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// April 26, 2012

Do you want to use more than one iPad, iPhone, or iPod with the same computer? Here are some of the easiest ways to mange multiple iOS devices with one computer.

If you are sharing your computer with someone else, the simplest way to mange your iOS devices is to login to the computer with separate accounts. Each user will have their own version of iTunes configured with their specific settings. There are a few alternative ways to manage multiple iOS device with different users, but this will be the best method for most users.

Schools, Businesses, and Organizations

Apple has recently released an application just for managing multiple iPads, iPhones and iPods for schools, businesses, and organizations.

Apple Configurator lets you prepare new iOS devices for distribution, supervise devices that need to maintain a standard configuration, and assign devices to users. The devices can be kept up to date with the correct settings, approved policies, apps and data using the Apple Configurator application.

Currently, Apple Configurator is only available on Mac, but Apple may release a Windows version to make it easier for enterprises to maintain iOS devices.

You can download Apple Configurator for Free at the Mac App Store.

Key Features

Prepare devices
• Configure up to 30 devices at a time
• Update devices to the latest version of iOS
• Create and restore a backup of settings and app data from one device to other devices
• Import apps into Apple Configurator and sync them to new devices*
• Use the built-in editor to create and install iOS configuration profiles
• Enroll devices with your Mobile Device Management solution for remote management

Supervise devices
• Organize supervised devices into custom groups
• Automatically apply common configurations to supervised devices
• Quickly reapply a configuration to a supervised device and remove the previous user’s data
• Import apps into Apple Configurator and sync them to supervised devices*
• Define and apply common or sequential names to all devices
• Restrict supervised devices from syncing with other computers

Assign devices
• Add users and groups manually or autopopulate via Open Directory or Active Directory
• Check out a device to a user and restore the user’s settings and data on that device
• Check in a device from a user and and back up the data for later use, possibly on a different device
• Apply custom text, wallpaper, or the user’s picture to a device’s Lock screen
• Import and export documents between your Mac and Apple Configurator
• Sync documents between assigned devices and Apple Configurator

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