How To Get Out of Recovery Mode on Your iPad

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// March 4, 2014
recovery mode

Let’s say that you’ve been told that, in order to fix a problem you’re having on your iPad, you should place your iPad in recovery mode.

After you follow the instructions and see the iTunes and USB cable on your screen (recovery mode), you realize that you’ve forgotten to backup your photos, apps, and data via iTunes. You want to get out of recovery mode but don’t know how. Is it too late to back out of recovery mode? Not at all. All you need are a few steps to help.

if your device is in recovery mode, you should see these visual directions

Step 1

Since your iPad is already off, you need to refrain from connecting your iPad to your laptop or PC via the USB cable. Instead, simply press the power (sleep/wake) button at the top until the screen goes blank.

iPad Power Button

Step 2

Once the screen goes blank, press the power/sleep/wake button to allow the device to turn on again. Your iPad should see the Apple logo come up as it reboots, and it should then power up to the usual lock screen. After that, you should see all of your apps intact.

We’re glad to help you put your device in recovery mode, but we want you to know that not all is lost if you need to get out of it in order to save your content before going back to recovery mode. After backing up your content via iTunes, go back into recovery mode by performing the steps provided in the link above.

Do you have any questions about recovery mode? If so, write in and let us know. We’re always glad to help.

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  1. PEGGY says:

    I was doing update and it locked up in screen shown for recovery mold. I tried restarting holding down power button only, then both power and start buttons. I get apple sign and it returns right back to locked screen. Now what do I do?

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