How to Fix: iPad Facebook Password Issues

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// December 18, 2013
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iPad Facebook Password Issues

Do you ever see this photo when browsing text messages?
ipad facebook password issues

This message is simply a reminder that your Facebook password is out-of-date on your iOS device. Facebook integration is a great win in terms of iOS performance, but it can be an annoyance if you do not wish to use Facebook anymore. Follow the steps below to fix the problem.

Step 1: Go to Settings –> Facebook. Regardless of whether you want to continue integrating Facebook into your iOS device or you want to destroy it, you must go here to perform either task.

Step 2a: Update your password. This is generally the easiest solution to the problem. All you have to do is update your password to the correct password, and iOS does the rest.

Step 2b: Delete your Facebook sync. This is option two in case you do not want to continue using Facebook on your iOS device or you do not wish to use Facebook in general. In this situation, instead of entering your password, all you do is click your account name, then click “Delete Account” in red.


That’s it! You have either deleted your Facebook account from your iOS device, or you have updated your password to ensure you do not receive that pesky message anymore! If you have any questions or comments, please give them below.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Both my iPhone and iPad have the exact same password under settings. My iPhone connects me to Facebook, but my iPad claims I have the incorrect password. Very odd. Would you please tell me how to correct this odd problem? Thank you

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