How to find your iPad serial number and identifier (UDID)

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// October 25, 2011

There are several ways to locate your iPad’s serial number, UDID, IMEI and CDN. You can even get most of the numbers without the iPad as long as you have access to a computer that was used to back it up.

If you have the iPad handy, the serial and IMEI (IMEI is only on 3G models) are engraved right on the back of the iPad.
If you still have the original box that your iPad came in, you can get your iPad’s serial number and IMEI number on the barcode label that is affixed to the box.

You can also find your serial number on your iPad’s screen by going to Settings-> General-> About.

If you have a 3G model you will also find the Cellular Data Address, IMEI, ICCID and Modem Firmware.

Find Your iPad’s Serial Number and Identifier (UDID) on Your Computer


iTunes makes it easy to find your iPad’s serial number and identifier. Once you locate these important numbers, you can copy and paste them into any document, email or webpage.

    1. Just plug your iPad into your computer and open iTunes.
    2. Select the iPad on the left under Devices.
    3. Click the Summary tab on the top left of the screen. The serial number should be displayed.

  1. Click on the serial number and the identifier (UDID) will appear.

Note: If you have a 3G model, you can find the CDN, IMEI and ICCID by continuing to click where the serial number was originally displayed.

Find Your iPad’s Serial Number Without it Being Connected to Your Computer

If you have access to a computer that has backed up your iPad in iTunes, then you can get the serial number without it being connected.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Open Preferences. (In Mac OS X, choose iTunes > Preferences. In Windows, choose Edit > Preferences.)
  3. Click on Devices.
  4. Position the mouse over a backup to display the serial number.

Alterative Method

    1. You can also click on iTunes in the toolbar, then hold the Control key and click About iTunes on a Mac or Windows users can go to Help > About iTunes.
    2. Release the Control key.
    3. You will see the serial number and IMEI of the last-connected iPad and other iOS devices as the screen scrolls. You can press the space bar to stop the scrolling.
      You can then copy and paste this information.


Apple provides so many ways for you to find your serial numbers, you can almost always locate it.

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