How To Enable Night Shift(f.lux Alternative) and Why You Should

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// June 17, 2016

Apple has released the latest iOS 9.3 version which is packed with new and amazing features. These features include the Touch ID for Notes app to keep your private details and other information locked, new features for News app to help you discover more of your particular interests, new features for Health app to easily track your wellness and health, Carplay which added more useful features, iOS in Education which is designed for students, and the most exciting feature which is the Night Shift Mode.

Many studies showed that the long exposure to bright blue light during night time can affect the circadian rhythms which make it harder to sleep. Blue light is the light on the spectrum which makes the computers, phones, tablets, and iPads look bright which is great during the day as it copies the bright morning. These blue wavelengths also wake us up. But blue light is less desirable when it is night time. Studies have shown that the blue light disrupts the bodies’ biological clock and makes it harder to fall asleep.

Night Shift(is just alternative to f.lux) feature uses the iOS devices’ locations to determine the time of sunset and automatically shifts the screen light display. It cuts down the blue light exposure. With Night Shift mode, the screen looks bright yellow which is easier on the eyes and circadian rhythm. It returns automatically to its regular light settings in the morning.

Out of all the amazing features, Night Shift Mode is the most incredible features we can have our eyes on. This feature lets you receive better experience not only every day but also every night. Here are the steps on how to set up the Night Shift Mode on your iPhone and iPad which should be updated to iOS 9.3.

How To Setup Night Shift Mode

Step 1: From your Settings App, select Display and Brightness.

Step 2: As you can see, there is a new option on Display & Brightness which is the Night Shift. Simply tap on Night Shift mode.

Step 3: Turn the Schedule On.

Step 4: After turning on the schedule, you will be able to adjust the color temperature slider to make your screen warmer or cooler. Adjust the slider on your desired color.

Step 5: If you want to have customized schedule, just simply enter specific time range below the Scheduled option.Schedule-Night-Shift-Mode-in-iOS-9-on-iPhone

Night Shift mode will set your screen according to the schedule automatically.

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