How To Close All Your Web Pages At Once On Your iPhone or iPad

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// January 16, 2014
Private browsing and close all tabs

I’m sure you’ve been told numerous times, if you’ve been a loyal iOS fan over the years, that you should eliminate as many web pages from your Internet browser as you can to prevent the loss of battery life. By removing the number of pages operating at once, you can save your battery juice for other important things in the long run (calls, text messages, etc.). This is always good advice, regardless of whether you’re on the road trying to eke out another three hours of battery life or home on the couch, too tired from a 10-hour workday to place your iPhone or iPad on a charger.

Today’s tip is designed to show you how to close all your web pages at once in the Safari web browser at once without having to delete each of them, one by one. The steps are as follows:


Closing All Tabs Simultaneously on the iPhone


Step #1: Open the Safari web browser.

Step #2: You should see your tabs as you left them the last time.

Step #3: At the bottom left of the screen, there is a word “private.” Select that, and you will be given the option to close all your tabs that are currently up and running.

Step #4: Select “close all,” and your tabs will close.


For iPad owners, we present the following steps on closing all your iPad tabs simultaneously:


Step #1: Open the Apple Safari web browser.

Open Safari, additional tab, and select private


Step #2: Open a new tab by selecting the  “+” symbol at the top right of the Safari browser.


Private browsing and close all tabs


Step #3: After opening the new tab, you will see the blue word “private” at the bottom left of the web page. Select “private.”


Step #4: You will then be asked whether or not you want to keep all tabs open or close all tabs. Select “close all tabs,” and your web pages will disappear.


Hopefully, this will save you from having to close, say, 25 tabs at once. Life gets busy, and our tabs can pile up quickly. We hope this tip helps you enjoy your iPad experience even more. Stay tuned to iPad Help for more tips to help you get the most out of your iPad.

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  1. wos says:

    No “private” showed up in mine either

    1. Carmel says:

      November 7 2019
      The word private did not come up on bottom left hand corner

  2. Susan says:

    The word private did not come up on the bottom left!

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