How to Change Apple iTunes ID Login

How To
// April 22, 2015

Have you ever wanted to change your Apple iTune account? This is a How To guide on changing to another Apple ID that is linked to a iTunes and App Store.

Procedure to Changing an Apple ID on iPad


1. Go to the menu for settings by pressing the icon for settings.

2. Scroll below to the options for iTunes and App Stores found in the Menu on the screen’s left hand side.

3. Tap the Apple ID visible above the page below iTunes and App Stores. This will extract a dialogue box which has four choices: View Apple ID, iForgot, Cancel and Sign Out.

4. Choose Sign Out to navigate from the present Apple ID linked to the machine. If you cannot recall your password, tap on iForgot. In case you want to see additional information on the Apple ID presently logged into the machine, tap the top option.


5. Key in the Apple ID you want as well as the password, after choosing Sign Out. In case you want to form another account, tap on the button for Apple ID beneath it.

6. After choosing the Apple ID you want for the iPad, it is going to be connected automatically to iTunes.

7. Move below to the iCloud in the menu for Settings to alter the Apple ID linked with your account for iCloud. Tap Account field situated above the screen.


8. Key in the latest Apple ID together with the password in the fields indicated. After this, the latest Apple ID will be connected with your account for iCloud.

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