How to AirPlay Video or Audio on iPhone/iPad/Mac in iOS 10

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// September 30, 2016

AirPlay is a feature on your iOS devices that allows you to stream videos and mirror your display from Mac, iPad or iPhone to your Apple TV so you can enjoy much bigger screen. You can easily control it with apps on your device. You can also play your music to Apple TV or to compatible speakers as well as those connected to AirPort Express router. As long as the network connection used on all devices is the same, you can use AirPlay and your videos or audio will start streaming.

If your devices are not on the same WiFi connection, AirPlay will use point-to-point WiFi to stream videos or audios. This is why most Apple users enjoy AirPlay. It is entertaining, easy to use, and useful for education as well as for presentation. Simply tap that button and you can see your videos on bigger screen or stream your music to AirPlay Speaker.

What is AirPlay?

Let us explain what AirPlay is first and what else you can do with it before we proceed. AirPlay can be used over Wi-Fi. You can connect all devices that are compatible with AirPlay altogether which lets you stream your music or videos on bigger screen or louder speakers. There are two types of AirPlay receiver, Apple TV and AirPlay Speaker.

From your iPhone or iPad, you can stream your videos and songs to your TV over WiFi which allows you to see it bigger or hear your favorite songs better. Aside from that, you can also use it for other things like viewing your pictures straight from the Photos App.

You can use AirPlay to watch movies as well or simply mirror your entire iPhone or iPad screen on your Apple TV. There is not much delay although that still depends on how strong your internet connection is. If you have strong connection, there would be no problems. This means that your TV is not just your regular TV anymore since you can actually move screens from small device to bigger one. AirPlay is definitely one of the most-used features on Apple TVs and you would definitely love it too.

How to Use AirPlay Video on iPhone or iPad

  1. To use AirPlay on iPhone or iPad, simply swipe from the bottom of your screen to open Control Center.
  2. Tap AirPlay button and tap again to confirm. Your device will now search for Apple TV.

If your Apple TV has different Wi-Fi network from your iPhone or iPad, it will simply display a code that you need to enter on your iOS device.

Stop AirPlay Video on iPhone or iPad

  1. To stop AirPlay Video on iPhone or iPad, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center.
  2. Tap AirPlay button and tap Turn Off AirPlay Mirroring.

How to Use AirPlay Audio from iPhone or iPad


  1. To use AirPlay Audio, simply open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.
  2. Swipe from left to right to see Now Playing
  3. Tap Audio Destination from the bottom of the screen and choose the device name where you wish to AirPlay audio to.

Stop AirPlay Audio from iPhone or iPad

  1. To stop AirPlay Audio from iPhone or iPad, simply open Control Center again by swiping up from the bottom of your screen.
  2. Swipe to the left to see Now Playing
  3. Tap Audio Destination button at the bottom and choose iPhone or iPad to stop AirPlay.

How to AirPlay Mirror from Mac

You can also use your Mac to AirPlay mirror to Apple TV. There is an AirPlay button on Safari as well as other apps like QuickTime. You can choose to mirror the entire screen of your Mac or just AirPlay your HDTV as a second monitor. To AirPlay Mirror from Mac:

  1. Click the AirPlay icon located on the right side of the Menu bar.
  2. Click Apple TV from the drop down list. (If you have many Apple TV’s in your house or in the area, select the Apple TV you wish to use).

Switch AirPlay Mirroring Modes on Mac

If you want to change the default AirPlay mirroring, it is easy to do. Follow these steps:

  1. Click AirPlay icon located on the right side of the Mac’s Menu bar.
  2. Select the option you preferred:
  • Mirror Built-In Display – Click this to mirror Mac’s native resolution on your Apple TV.
  • Mirror Apple TV – Click this to resize the resolution of Mac to match the resolution on Apple TV.
  • Use as Separate Display – Click this to make your Apple TV an additional display.

Stop AirPlay Mirroring from Mac

Once you are done using AirPlay Mirroring, you can easily stop it from Mac.

  1. Click AirPlay icon located on the right side of the Menu bar.
  2. Click Turn Airplay Off.

Another way to stop AirPlay Mirroring is to click on the Menu button on Apple TV remote. It will automatically stop AirPlay and restore Apple TV interface.

How to Use AirDrop

This part will show you how to use AirDrop so you can easily transfer new files from Mac or iOS device with another.

#1 Activate Airdrop. Open Control Centre by swiping from the bottom of the screen and tap AirDrop.  You can choose to be discoverable by Contacts Only or Everyone. You can use Contacts Only unless you do not have the contact of the person you wish to share files with. It will automatically turn on your Bluetooth so make sure not to turn off Bluetooth while transferring photos or videos.


#2 Share Photos. Open Photos app and select photos or a video you want to send. Tap the Share button located in the bottom-left to see sharing window. The names of the people available for AirDrop will appear.


#3 Tap to Share. Tap the name of the person you want to share the photos or video with. They would be alerted on their device’s screen and they have to tap Accept to receive the files. The pictures and videos will automatically transfer in their Photos app.


What Do You Think About AirPlay in iOS 10?

It is indeed an awesome feature as it allows your Apple TV to maximize its use. You also get to watch the latest movies of Netflix to a much bigger screen. Do you have any suggestions or questions? Let us know in the comments section below!

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