How to Activate and Set-up Speak Selection on Your iPad

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// May 6, 2015
How to Activate and Set-up Speak Selection on Your iPad

Apple devices are often updated with latest and cool features that keep the users attached to this brand and build an enormous brand loyalty. One of the great features that comes with iOS8 is “Speak Selection” which works on any Apple device running with iOS8. Let it be your iPhone or iPad, you can use this cool feature very smartly and get yourself one step ahead from the others.

Now, you must be fascinated to know what this feature actually does and how you can activate it on your device or set it up. The steps are very easy to follow and it doesn’t really require much of iOS operating experience. If you are using iPad for the first time, you still should be able to set it up on your own just by following the steps below:


Click Image For Full Speak Selection Instruction Guide

Click Image For Full Speak Selection Instruction Guide


1. First, go to your settings option.

2. From settings, tap on “General”

3. Tap on “Accessibility”

4. Then tap on “Speech”

5. Tap on “Add New Language”

6. From here, you have to choose your language and dialect that fits perfect to your preference. Once you are done with the selection, it will take you back to the Speech screen.

7. You can now choose “More Info” button to do more with this feature.

8. You may select default or enhanced quality whichever seems good to you. If you are going with enhanced quality then it will automatically start downloading using your Wi-Fi provided that there was no voice previously downloaded.

9. You can customize the rate of the speech by finding the Speech rate/Speaking rate slider which can adjust it the way you would like.



Now, if you have previously used this feature and just want to simply activate it, then all you have to do is just follow the steps above from 1 to 3, you should be able to see the accessibility screen where you can see your Speak Selection is deactivated/off. All you have to do is just activate it/on it and from there it should work perfectly if the above setting were correctly done before the first time when you have used it.

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