How to Access iPad Files on a Mac From Finder

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// January 14, 2011

You can access your iPads files on a Mac OS X from Finder with a few easy steps.

You will need a couple of things before we get started. First, your iPad will need to be jailbroken and they need to be connected on the same wireless network. If you already have a jailbroken iPad and a WiFi connection, then you are ready to proceed.

    1. Open Cydia and install Netatalk. Then, reboot the iPad.
    2. Open a new Finder window by clicking its icon in the dock.
    3. Make sure your iPad is on and you should see your iPad under Shared Devices in Finder.
    4. Click to select the iPad from the list then click Connect As.

    1. You will be asked to enter a name and password for the device. If you have not changed the name and password then enter the following:
      • Name: root ( if root does not work, it will be mobile)
      • Password: alpine

Click the Connect button to login.

You should now be have access to the files on your iPad. You can view and modify files on the device from here.

Click on root to start browsing the files.

Here is a article on how to do this from a PC.

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