How Do I Create An iPad Video in iOS 7?

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// January 28, 2014
Open the camera app and slide from photo to video to create an iPad video

Have you ever wanted to create an iPad video, but thought that the iPhone screen was too small for your tastes? If you’re new to the iPad for the first time, you don’t want to pour through a manual to learn how to do it.

Until smartphones, cameras and video recorders were considered to be separate equipment pieces for the photographer. Cameras were often smaller and shorter, while camcorders (or video recorders) were larger, heavier, and longer than cameras. Camcorders attempted to bridge the gap, but again, were still larger in hand than most individuals needed them to be.

Now that smartphones and tablets boast of both camera and video recording capabilities, you will use the same camera app to create an iPad video as you do to take pictures.

We’ve got some quick steps to help you create an iPad video in iOS 7.


to create an iPad video, select camera on the home screen


Step #1: Select the Camera icon from your iPad desktop.


Open the camera app and slide from photo to video to create an iPad video


Step #2: When the Camera app opens, you will see three choices on the right side of the screen: “video,” “photo,” and “square.” Select “video” to record video on your iPad. If your selection is currently on “photo” (as demonstrated by the yellow highlight), slide your finger up from “photo” to “video” to create an iPad video.


After you create an iPad video, press the red square on the right to end the video and save it in your photo gallery


Step #3: Press the large red button just above the word “video” on the right side of the display and start recording. Once you finish, click the white circle with a square enclosed to end. The video will then appear as a small square that “jumps” to your iPad camera library. Select the square at the bottom right of your camera app to play your video.

If you want to create an iPad video of yourself, simply press the turn camera at the top right of the iPad camera app in order to turn the recorder around to film you. Follow the same steps as provided above to record a video and stop the video when you’re done.

You’re all done. Wasn’t that easier than reading an iPad manual?

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