Hide Newsstand without jailbreaking- Works on any iOS device

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// October 8, 2012

Hide NewsstandI can’t say I’m a fan of Newsstand. The thing just sits there empty and Apple provides no way to remove or hide it. With iOS 5 there was a trick that allowed users to put Newsstand in a folder, but Apple quickly removed the bug with a software update.

Users with jailbroken devices have the ability to remove and hide Newsstand with Cydia tweaks, but now there is a way to put Newsstand in a folder without a jailbreak.

Filippo Bigarella is a Cydia developer who created StifleStand, which is a Mac application (Windows version is coming soon) that allows users to hide Newsstand on their iOS device(s).

StifleStand works on any iOS device with iOS 5 or higher.

How to put Newsstand in a folder using StifleStand

1. Download StifleStand (Mac or Windows).
2. Plug in your iOS device into your computer and open StifleStand (you should see that your device has been recognized).
3. Locate Newsstand on your iOS device.
4. Click “Hide Newsstand” on the StifleStand application.
5. Newsstand should disappear into a folder with the name Magic. You can now move other apps into the new folder.

Note: Opening Newsstand will cause your SpringBoard to crash. Only use StifleStand if you do not plan on using Newsstand.

Update 10/10/2012:

StifleStand is also available for Windows. You should see the Windows version when you click on “Download StifleStand” in step 1.

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